EOTD | Urban Decay Vert + Urban Decay Zero

When I reached home yesterday, I realised that I’d been subconsciously channelling Urban Decay for my eye makeup of the day. Without much thought, I’d reached for the brand’s Eyeshadow in Vert (‘vibrant jade’) and 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (‘zealous black’) to create a smokey green eye in the morning. This instinctive use of UD products could very well have been a result of the ripples the brand is currently creating with its return to Singapore. ;)

I love how Zero blends well over the powder of reflective Vert; this intense black is that emollient. I also like how the duochrome quality of Vert makes for interesting shadow combinations and eye looks. The stellar performance of UD products such as these truly makes me look forward to attending the Urban Decay Master Class to learn more about them. :)

Vert and Zero go well together, yes? Green + black is always a beautiful combination, be it in eyeshadow or nail polish!

Image source: Urban Decay


  • Jo says:

    Oooh! Pretty EOTD ^^
    I like how Zero blends into your e/s :)
    I have some questions: Did you use a base with Vert? Does the glide-on liners crease or smudge by the end of the day? (I had terrible experience with NYX Jumbo e/s pencil which is also quite emollient. Mind sharing any tips?)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Jo,

      Thank you! It’s interesting that you mentioned NYX Jumbo Pencils, I actually used the mint green one under Vert. However, I put it over I Nuovi Eyebase. It helps if you have a smudge-proof base for the emollient pencil and use the pencil solely as a colour-popper, rather than a stay-put base for your shadows.

      I also set Zero with a bit of MAC Carbon for more hold, although I’m fairly certain I didn’t need to. The UD 24/7 Eye Pencils are great as eyeshadow bases so you might consider these instead of the NYX pencils?

      I hope I make sense!

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