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I was reading Sephora Singapore’s Facebook page when I came across something very interesting in the Notes section:


URBAN DECAY (**4 FEB 2010!) can u believe it??!

Beauty wishes do come true – I believe this means that Urban Decay will be arriving on our shores after all! I’m really curious about the price points but whether they are friendly or not, I’m glad the brand is back in Singapore. I can’t wait to see a counter of Urban Decay products again! :)

Image source: Urban Decay


  • Jo says:

    Woohoo!!! Thanks for the updates Mag! This is such a great start to the new year :) I wonder if they’ll bring in the Book of Shadows 2 … *keeps fingers crossed*

  • Pink Ink says:

    Yay! No more hair-tearing in despair and agony when I see UD lovelies reviewed in blogs.

    Hopefully, there will not be too significant a mark-up when the products are launched.

    The last time UD was in Singapore, I was still in secondary school, I think and totally not into makeup.

    • makeupmag says:

      You make me feel old, Pink Ink! :P

      UD was somewhat low-key when it was here in the past. I believe there were only two counters – one at Isetan Orchard and one at Bugis Junction. They sold their products online too then.

  • Pink Ink says:

    Hi Mag,

    I remember walking past the ‘counter’ (it’s more like a display shelf, right?) in Isetan Orchard. But the scary-large selection of eyeshadows totally overwhelmed me (make-up idiot at that time).

    Although I’ve been to Sephora in New York, I only walked out with the UDPP as my makeup budget was consumed by NARS. LOL.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Pink,

      Tell me about it! The counter was quite pathetic. However, you are right – there were quite a few nice items, especially the eyeshadows. I remember buying my Nymph to Glam Face Case locally (can’t remember how much it cost though). :) Ah, NARS. I wonder if Sephora would bring that in too. I have a feeling the prices aren’t going to be too friendly. :P

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