MAC Summer 2010 Sneak Peek – Marine Life!

Here’s the MAC Summer 2010 product image that has been making the Internet rounds! Drenched in the warm hues of summer, this collection has a seaside/marine life motif with corals, seashells, weeds(?), a starfish and a seahorse decorating the products.

The product with the raised seahorse (probably a blush) is the most distinctive of the lot. This has to be MAC’s most elaborate makeup item to date; I don’t remember anything with this much detail (even Lillyland and Snake Eyes don’t come this close).

Doesn’t it remind you of Chantecaille’s range of marine-themed compacts? The refined quality of the latter makes the cheery MAC packaging look cheap though (and isn’t that orange casing a revisit of Neo Sci-Fi?).

Image sources: Eva Chen@Teen Vogue and Cosmetosaur via Musings of a Muse; Instyle and Chantecaille

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