OPI Alice in Wonderland Mini Nail Lacquer Set

If you would like to try all the OPI Alice in Wonderland nail lacquers, a mini set of the entire collection is available at Sephora Ion for S$35.50. Comprising Absolutely Alice, Thanks So Muchness!, Off With Her Red! and Mad as a Hatter, this little box of baby polishes (3.75 ml/1/8 oz each) is a good way to try this OPI Spring 2010 range without buying all four full-sized bottles. The price is eyebrow-raising – you can purchase this for as low as US$7 online – but  I suppose some consolation might be found in instant gratification and factoring in overseas shipping costs. ;)

The original polishes are also available at Sephora (the store has generous testers of them laid out on the shelf display) and they retail at S$23.50 each. Under the testers is a reminder that the testers are ‘strictly only for trying’. I was a little amused by that – what else might people use them for?!


  • Jenine says:

    I’ve actually seen people do their nails at the counter, giving themselves an express manicure, so to speak. So I think that reminder is trying to subtly warn people NOT to carry out a personal express manicure at the display.

    How embarrassing that such a reminder needs to be put up!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hello Jenine!

      Thanks for dropping by my webby. I hope you’re well.

      Yes, a friend mentioned that to me – the reminder is prolly for people who actually paint all their nails there. Urgh!

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