Review | K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyebrow Liner 24h

Part of the 1 Day Tattoo 24h range, this eyebrow pen (S$18.90) really lasts. It comes in two shades: 01 Natural Brown and 02 Greyish Brown. I bought Greyish Brown last year and love it. It isn’t a conventional waxy brow pencil; instead, it has a micro-fibre brush-tipped applicator to dispense its liquid colour. Although this product behaves somewhat like a marker, don’t be leery of it – light strokes give you incredibly natural-looking brows. I love how its fine tip allows me to feather the lines, gently filling in my sparse brows.

In addtion, its fine tip allows for definition, as well as intensity control for gradation of colour (the signature Japanese brow-drawing style and one that gives dimension to the brows). According to Beauty Carousel which carries the K-Palette line, the ‘water-resistant translucent ink…helps users avoid the common problem of “over-darkened” eyebrows’. I like how its initial wetness merges the pigment naturally with my original brow hairs and how the  tint tapers off at the right time, thanks to the ink’s consistency and the fine nib. Tip: Brush through brows with a spooly/mascara brush after application for a très naturel look.

This might not be a conventional brow product but a little practice will not only yield effortless brow shading, it will also give you naturally and beautifully-framed eyes.

As you’ve probably guessed, my impetus for writing this review came from the K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow sale. I was so excited about it that it spurred me to talk about this little makeup gem! ;)

Image source: Cuore

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  • evie says:

    oops sorry for this late msg..but thanks for the info abt the sale! XD

    er can i ask if which is more natural looking on the skin?..the natural or the greyish brown?..thank you!

    • makeupmag says:

      You’re welcome, Evie. :)

      I usually match brows to hair colour. If you have coloured hair in shades of brown, red or similar tones, go for Natural Brown. Greyish Brown isn’t as weird as it sounds and is a good match for black/black-brown hair.

  • mirai says:

    Thanx for the info on the sale … I love this pdt .. been using it for quite sometimes n i really have to agree hw lasting n natural it is!

    gonna run down to watsons to get it soon~ =)

  • Lydia says:

    I wonder if you could swatch it? cause theres no tester and greyish black sounds.. weird. haha. I cant imagine a grey eyebrow.

  • Jessica Lai says:

    Real Lasting eyebrow 24h (01) what price??
    please quate me …..

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