Ed Hardy at Sephora Singapore

Speaking of Lee Da Hae using Ed Hardy, the fragrances from this brand best distinguished by vintage tattoo images are now available at Sephora Singapore.

A 50 ml bottle costs S$80, while a 100 ml bottle costs S$110. The illustrations are very different from what we usually see on a perfume bottle and are thus memorable.

I figured out what Lee Da Hae was using, thanks to the unique image on her perfume bottle. Nonetheless, I had to do a bit of beauty sleuthing because the skull looked like a panda in the photo! :D

The pics are blurry, I know; I had to snap them in a hurry!

Receive a free duffle bag or tote with every purchase of a 100 ml bottle. Customers will also receive a free miniature spray with S$150 spent.

If you really like the fragrances, take a look at the sets that put perfume vials, body lotions and bath and shower gels together with the scents. If they are labelled correctly, these sets also cost S$80 and S$110.

Image source: Sephora Singapore


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