Fasio Shade Trick Eyes in BL-2

Although this palette is labelled blue by the brand, it has strong purple tones and is, to my eye, more purple than blue. Divided into four radial pans – highlight, light, shadow, shadow line – this palette is easy-peasy to use. Whether you gradate or pair the colours side by side, the complementary shades afford effortless blending.

As with most Japanese eyeshadow palettes, this one comes with clear pictorial instructions on shadow placement.

When I first saw the range, GR-4 – a green palette containing a deep cerulean shade – caught my eye but I eventually chose BU-2 because I was captivated by the smokey greyish blue-purple hue (it also has pewter tones!). The way its multi-coloured shimmer showed up stole my heart and I was held hostage by this lovely shade. Apparently many local women love this palette too – it was sold out at many of the Watsons stores I visited. ;)

More intense than Deep Gradation Eyes in I-8 and reminiscent of Kosé Visée Blackish Forming Eyes in B-3, the shadows are pigmented, offering substantial colour pay-off; even the sheerer shades impart more than a veil of colour.

Each pan also possesses a different texture: The dark ‘shadow line’ shade is somewhat matte; the ‘shadow’ shade is shimmery/semi-metallic and intense; the ‘light’ shade is soft and semi-sheer; the ‘highlight’ shade is pearlescent, offering a glimmer of colour. Such variety is indicative of the meticulous nature of Japanese makeup manufacturers. :)

The silky texture of the shimmer shades is comparable to the smoothness of similar eyeshadows from higher-end Japanese brands. They also have the delightful twinkle of the latter, courtesy of their finely-milled sparkly bits. Minus its packaging, this palette actually reminds me of Lunasol Star Shower Eyes in Dazzling Night!

Originally S$21.40, I only paid S$14.10 for this sleek palette, thanks to Watsons’s 20% discount and my Watsons Card points which I redeemed.

Image source: Kosé Fasio


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