L’Officiel x Ed Pinaud Ombres Quatuors

When Iris posted about the L’Officiel tie-up with Ed Pinaud, I think she didn’t expect the clamour that came about thereafter. ;) These eyeshadow quads that come free with the mag are worth S$59 but are now a fraction of that price (S$5.90 – the price of the magazine).

They are hard to distinguish, thanks to the sealed packaging. Unlike the previous Ed Pinaud giveaway, these do not have the colours indicated on the magazine packaging. You can try to sneak a peek at the back of the box that’s not fastened to the paper backing though.

I bought one at Prologue and received No. 4 Mocca Latte. It’s too warm for me, so I’ll be giving it away or using it in my kit. The gold packaging, black velvet sleeve and solid packaging give it a luxe feel, not to mention a strong value-for-money sense! ;)

Here is the list of colours to aid your quad hunt:

  • N0. 1 Hazelnut Chocolate
  • No. 2 Smoky Emerald
  • No. 3 Chocolate Plum
  • No. 4 Mocca Latte
  • No. 5 Blue Black
  • No. 6 Violet Concerto

Good luck in tracking them down! :)


  • Sam says:

    Oh no! Hope there is some left when I arrive in Singapore next week- you seem to get the best magazine freebies compared to Australia!

  • Paris B says:

    oh darn. just when i’m going down this weekend too :P

  • yy says:

    where is this mag available?

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi YY,

      You can find it at most bookstores, news-stands and petrol kiosks (basically the places where mags can be found). You can also check out 7-11 stores.

  • odelia says:

    what lovely shades. hopefully there will be some left when i go down to town

  • Trish says:

    I bought 5 copies at Borders yesterday. Got 10% discount with Borders member card!

    Out of five, four palettes are No 2, only one is is No 5. A bit disappointed though…my pre order with L’Officiel has not arrived yet.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Trish,

      That’s a great idea, buying them from Borders. You could try to swap the extras with people with duplicates like yourself or give them away. At least your pre-order will be what you want. ;)

  • Joy says:

    Kino still has one whole stack :)
    I got no 3 and my friend got no 4!

  • Ioyces says:

    hi Mag! Just wanna check with you…I’ve got a no.2 and a no.4..I quite like the number 4 but not sure if it is suitable for my skin tone… How do we tell if palatte is suitable or not? :P
    I dun wan to open it up if it’s not the right colour for me..then at least i can give it away!
    thanks very much for all your tips and tip offs!!!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Ioyces,

      I think the best way is to determine whether you look good in cool or warm tones. If you click on the L’Officiel link in this post, you can see what the colours are like. Good luck!

  • RJ says:

    I got one from Kinokuniya (Shade 1) and one from Page One (Shade 6). They look really nice! The magazine itself wasn’t very suitable for me, though >>;;

  • Lynn says:

    Hi Trish,

    Let me know if you want to sell your No 2 palettes.

  • melo says:

    anyone can share some pictures like how the colours look like? :)

  • Jay says:

    Anybody would like to swap their emerald green eyeshadow for blue black? Pls email me at luvme33@hotmail.com

  • Sharon says:

    Hi Girls,

    I want a no. 3 – chocolate plum.

    Anyone has duplicates and wanna give/sell??

    Please consider selling or giving to me.


  • Lilian says:

    I have a blue black which I’d love to swap for chocolate plum. Do email me at jansng@gmail.com if interested :) BTW there are still a few copies of the magazine left at Stevens Road Esso petrol station and also 7-11 at Jalan Remaja, Hillview, as of today!

  • Kimberly says:

    I would love to take any of these below off your hands if anyone has some extras to sell off at cost price…haha. Email me at xjckimberly[@]gmail.com please?

    N0. 1 Hazelnut Chocolate
    No. 2 Smoky Emerald
    No. 3 Chocolate Plum
    No. 4 Mocca Latte
    No. 5 Blue Black
    No. 6 Violet Concerto

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