Review | Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Eye Liners

Kiss Me Singapore recently gave me some Heavy Rotation* eyeliners to try, so here’s my take on them. As you can tell from the photos on the packaging, their emphasis is on intensity. The pigmentation varies on all three products though.

Heavy Rotation Perfect Liquid Liner (S$18.90): This product has a thicker nib than the liquid liners I’m used to – its flat-end brush tip is part of the brand’s design to allow the liner to impart a thick line for a more intense look (am channelling Cleopatra as I write this!). However, its even sides allow a finer line/tapering.

Like most liquid liners, you only need to shake the auto-dispensing tube to coax product into the brush tip.

Of the three liners, this one cleans off the easiest. It’s not the most precise of liquid liners I’ve seen – it has a slight tendency to feather – but it does have a good blackness that would intensify the lash line. The good thing about it is that it doesn’t sting – I tried water-lining with it and it didn’t hurt my eyes at all. I would recommend this as a layering product to up the amp on other liners.

Heavy Rotation Perfect Pencil Liner (S$16.90): Reminiscent of MAC Technakohl Liner in Graphblack, this mechanical eyeliner is a deep charcoal in colour. Like the MAC, it applies smoothly and retracts easily. Its base cleverly hides a sharpener and a smudger – useful but a little unwieldy. This pencil eyeliner is harder to remove than the liquid one and seems to last well on the waterline.

Heavy Rotation Perfect Gel Liner (S$21.90): This liner is the most intense of the three in pigmentation. Inky and creamy, its dense quality makes it one of the blackest blacks I’ve ever seen – the jet black tone is a joy to behold both in the pot and on the skin! I also like that it can blend rather well before setting (it might make a nice cream base for smoky shadows but I haven’t tried this yet, so am not sure if it’d flake. It does hold up well on its own though).

Unfortunately, its accompanying brush does not give as fine a line as I hoped it would; it seems more suited to lip definition than eyeliner precision.

Of the three liners, this one is the most tenacious – its waterproof quality is evident in the effort I took to remove it using regular wipes. I eventually had to use an oil cleanser to completely clean it off. It certainly lasts!

From left to right: liquid, pencil, gel

The cardboard part of the packaging shows the two eye looks that can be created by the respective liners, with variation in line thickness.

All three products can be easily found at Kawaii Corner located at Watsons stores, the space dedicated to fun Japanese drugstore cosmetics. :)

Image source: Kiss Me Japan

* Heavy Rotation is apparently abbreviated as ‘HeviRote’ in Japan, slang for repeated purchase/use in the Japanese fashion magazine world.


  • Jas says:

    hi there, wondering if you’ve tried the Heavy Rotation Perfect Gel Liner already? how does it fare among other gel liners in the market? thanks!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Jas,

      I used it on my mummy last weekend and it went on beautifully and lasted the entire night. :) It is a touch blacker than many of the gel liners I’ve seen. As for wear, I can’t compare just yet because I haven’t used it on its own on my eye.

  • Jenny says:

    have you tried the gel liner yet? I was just wondering how well it works too compared to the Bobbi Brown one in particular in terms of how long it lasts (product drying out)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Jenny,

      I’ve used it but I prefer pencils, personally. :) I don’t use the BB version, so I can’t compare them.

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