Shiseido Singapore 40th Anniversary Press Event

Earlier this week, Shiseido Singapore celebrated its 40th Anniversary with an intimate party for trade friends and the beauty media. As soon as I stepped into their office, I was greeted by a sea of red and black – the brand’s corporate colours.

The Shiseido staff were beauties to behold; I loved how fabulous they all looked in their stylish black/red attire and gorgeous lashings of red lipstick. With palpable excitement, they exhorted everyone to pen down their well-wishes and take photos against a crimson wall studded with the brand’s iconic camellia logo.

A series of Serge Lutens artwork for Shiseido adorned the wall near the entrance. His distinctive photography and art direction for the brand exude sophistication and femininity, setting high beauty aesthetic standards.

With a physical path that mimicked the brand’s beauty journey in Singapore, guests were given a visual treat via photos, artwork and even a mini diorama, as well as introductions to the Shiseido brands: Clé de Peau Beauté, Ettusais, Majolica Majorca, Shiseido Professional (formerly known as Zotos) and of course, Shiseido itself.

As we moved down the Shiseido memory lane, the staff dispensed Shiseido beauty trivia, many of which fascinated me. For instance, I learnt that Shiseido once had a factory in Singapore to produce samples and the like (it closed down in 1986).

The posh Clé de Peau Beauté space

The Za display

Ettusais, which means ‘You know what?’ in French

The white rubber duckies bobbing in the water were so adorable that guests were tempted to steal them! :P

The Majolica Majorca doll house, similar to the ones they displayed at Watsons last October. Cuteness overload!

Here is Shiseido’s Yanny P., introducing the brand. Isn’t she the perfect spokesperson for MJ, with her dolly looks?

I was tickled by how the staff had converted part of a room into a mini hair salon. :D

A stunning Shiseido Professional haircare ad

Below are some of the many ad campaign photos I saw at the event. Mouse over the images to read their descriptions. ;)

Freshure, the first whitening skincare range to be introduced in Singapore

Zen was created to celebrate Japan being the first Asian country to host the Olympic Games.

Apparently, not a single bottle of Feminite du Bois was the same in design.

The first cold cream ever introduced to the world. And I thought Ponds held that honour!

How quaint! These fragrances (or body splashes?) were popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

Hello, old friends!

♥ Shiseido Pieds Nus (pN) has a special place in my heart. I was so thrilled to see this section of the wall! ♥

I like the casual layout of this Shiseido lippy ad.

A striking ad aptly named the Empowering Campaign

A photo wall that marked memorable Shiseido moments

Here is Mr Wada, Shiseido’s managing director, giving a heartfelt speech of thanks. Although he looked quite serious when I first spoke to him, he later playfully asked if I would like to take a photo with the dedicated sake barrel! :P

Here are the key Shiseido staff breaking open the dedicated sake to ring in the new and pave the way for good fortune. The ritual was quite an eye-opener for me and Mr Wada himself later revealed to me that it was the first time he’d ever done that too. ;)

The sake in a masu. KANPAI!

Yummy finger food! The prawn+cantaloupe appetiser was quite delish! : )~

Here I am with Sophia, The Makeup Blogette, whom I met at the event.

The girls at Shiseido are all so pretty and petite (my head and face look huge next to theirs :P)!

Here I am, flanking a Shiseido by Serge Lutens portrait with Erica, the lovely trainer whom I met at the Shiseido White Lucent workshop.

Happy Birthday, Shiseido Singapore. Here’s to many more years of creating beautiful moments!


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