Kent Makeup Brushes – Kent’s Twelve

A while back, Velvut sent me Kent’s Twelve, a brush set comprising twelve useful brushes for makeup application. They can be purchased individually (the prices range from S$17.90 to S$104.90) or in this value-for-money set that takes a huge edge off the combined price.

Kent is known for its long history and fine work in hairbrush artistry, so I was intrigued when I discovered that it produces makeup brushes. And yes, they’re made in England!

The Twelve are:

  • #1 Angled Eyebrow Brush (S$17.90)
  • #2 Eye Grooming Brush (S$17.90)
  • #3 Angled Eye Contour Brush (S$22.90)
  • #4 Definition/Socket Line Brush (S$22.90)
  • #5 Angled Eyeliner Brush (S$17.90)
  • #6 Lip Brush (S$$19.90)
  • #7 Concealer Brush (S$19.90)

  • #8 Large Foundation Brush (S$29.90)
  • #9 Contour Powder Brush (S$29.90)
  • #10 Blusher Brush (S$34.90)
  • #11 Powder Brush (S$44.90)
  • #12 Travel Bronzer/Kabuki Brush (S$104.90)

The complete set is priced at $249 (you essentially save 33% – the original price is $373.80!).

I haven’t washed/used them yet but I do like the feel of several of them – my initial thoughts are that they feel soft yet firm: pliable enough for blending work and firm enough for precision work, when needed. Aesthetics-wise, they are  pretty with shiny ruby-red and black handles, reminding me of the colour scheme of the chic Kevyn Aucoin line. Another bonus is that they come in individual resealable cases that are great for brush protection and travel (just be careful not to snag the brushes when zipping up the pouches).

From now till 31 December 2010, all Makeup Stash! readers will receive 10% off online purchases, plus free local shipping! All you have to do is enter the code BWLVC when you check-out. :)


  • Robin says:

    These look so nice! Very much like Posh brushes in the U.S.

  • emilia says:

    hi, where do we actually purchase these?

  • Fong says:


    Can you review on the brushes you received?

    I am considering getting the brushes but so far I can’t find any reviews on the usage. Everyone just mentions that the brushes feel soft, that’s all…


    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Fong,

      Which ones are you looking at? I like them because they generally pick up colour well and distribute/blend it evenly. I particularly like the blush brushes, the concealer brush and the angled eyeshadow contour brush.

  • Jenny says:

    Hey! I’ve been eyeing some of these brushes myself, but having a pretty sensitive skin I don’t want any scratchy hairs on my skin.
    Do they shed? Do they wash easily? Are they soft?

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Jenny,

      Unfortunately, they do run in the wash, so I would hesitate to recommend them to you. They don’t shed (or at least I don’t remember them doing so) and aren’t scratchy. Pretty soft but some aren’t as soft as pricier brushes. You can feel them for yourself at Watsons. :)

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