Hakuhodo and Koyudo Brushes Back in Singapore

Hakuhodo Brushes at BeautyAsia 2014

Nice to see our little island getting some attention from Japanese artisan makeup brushes (or is it the other way around?): Hakuhodo and Koyudo have made a reappearance this year and are set to return again.

Hakuhodo Pile

Hakuhodo was here recently at BeautyAsia 2014 and a very successful stint it had – several brushes were reportedly sold out on the first day of the fair, no doubt thanks to the reasonable pricing. For more on this, read my previous Hakuhodo post.

No worries, if you’ve missed out on them at the fair; they’ll return to Takashimaya SC on 21 March 2014 and will be at the same location as last year (Level 2, opposite Clarins). ‘29 March’ is floating around in my head, so I might be wrong about the actual date but do check the Hakuhodo and Takashimaya websites to be certain.

Koyudo Brushes at Isetan Scotts Basement

I’m pretty new to Koyudo, though they’ve already made several visits to Singapore in the past – they tend to turn up at fairs featuring Japanese food and wares. A small selection of the brand’s brushes is currently available at the Yamakawa Japan Food Fair at Isetan Scotts. It ends on 13 March 2014 (today!), so you still have a bit of time to suss out these hand-crafted brushes.

Koyudo Fupa Brushes

Compared to the extensive Hakuhodo range, the Koyudo offerings here are somewhat dismal. I wasn’t keen on the cartoon brushes, either (ok, that’s not their actual name but I can’t help but call those with the colourful heart/flower-shaped heads that) – they look and feel a tad cheap. What I do find interesting is the flattish-yet-full rounded Fupa 02 goat-hair brush that’s apparently excellent for foundation application.

It’s priced at S$60 here but is about S$40 in Japan, an indubitable sign of mark-up. As such, be wise about your purchases. If you don’t have the time to pop by today, you might be glad to know that they’ll be back in April. I can’t remember the actual date – it’s possibly the 2nd or the 12th – but they’ll be at Level 1 of Isetan Scotts instead of at the basement. Do check the Isetan Singapore website for more information.

For in-depth reviews of brushes from these two brands, there’s no better place to start than at Sweet Makeup Temptations. Sonia, who runs that excellent website, will have you making a mile-long wishlist. :)

Hakuhodo Kokutan Range

My favourite Hakuhodo brushes – the Kokutan range with ebony wood handles.


  • Paris B says:

    CARTOON BRUSHES! YES! :P I don’t do girly cute so the Koyudo brushes didn’t grab me especially when I saw they came in sweet pink and pastels and flowers *gag* Sorry :P Hakuhodo however, is a different story! I love the elegance of their brushes and the baby bunny softness of their bristles. Hmmm mayhap it will be a good idea to stop by SG next week then hehe…

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi PB!

      Haha, yes – they look too cutie-sweet for my taste. Do take a look at the Fupa, though.

      Hakuhodo…ah, I have a never-ending wishlist!

  • Lee says:

    The japanese girl at the cashier told me its on the 29th…hopefully..hehe

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