Magnum Gold?! M Party

A while back, the kind PR people of Anna Sui invited me to the Magnum Gold?! launch held at Boathouse/pre•lude, an eatery/bar located at the Fullerton Waterboat House. A revamped historical place of interest, The Waterboat House used to be a water stop for ships during Singapore’s colonial days.

Several beauty blogger friends also attended the event and though beauty and ice cream are somewhat disparate, the golden ice cream bars sweetened a night of beauty blogger bonding!

The rounded walls of the building, as well as the shimmering light that bathed the word ‘pre•lude’, added a certain charm to the place.

The door gift was an inspired golden passport to Magnum Gold?! sweetness and was accompanied by a ‘boarding pass’.

Authorised by the ‘Magnum Pleasure Authority of Singapore’. ;)

In line with the Magnum Gold?! commercial, we became ‘heist accomplices’ and had our mug shots taken (the thieving ice cream-inals were later superimposed on the photo).

Outdoors, the breath-taking – almost-panoramic – scenery of the Singapore skyline was a photographer’s delight.

The booty! Apparently Singapore is the only country in Asia to have a taste of this exclusive ice cream.

Just looking at the ice cream bar brings back a gastronomic memory of the sweet golden-dipped milk chocolate crust and the smooth, churned Madagascan vanilla cream with a swirl of sea salt caramel.

Here’s Chantana and I…

And later, Sara!

Kas and I

Iris and I

Kas and Iris!

Jenny in the middle of the group shot

I thought we all looked happy that night and I was glad to have spent a joyful evening with these online acquaintances who have since become friends. :)

I also met the lovely Marjorie Teo-Aldridge, a veteran makeup artist in Singapore. For someone with her extensive experience, she held no airs and was utterly kind and friendly.

Another yummy highlight of the night – Utt! Sweet and gracious, this famous actor/host deigned to take photo after photo with the guests who surrounded him.

Before we left the party, we were each given a luggage tag shaped like the ice cream. How adorable!

After we said our goodbyes to the lovely organisers, we adjourned to Merlion Park to take photos and have tea.

Beauty banter ensued but we also ended up having an enlightening conversation involving the sexual reproduction of ducks (don’t ask me how the convo turned that way)! :P Thank you for a memorable night, ladies!

Image source: Everbluec and Icyabstract (Thanks for your pics, Chantana and Sara! ♥)


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