Ben & Jerry’s Chunk Fest 2010

This Saturday (4 September 2010), Ben & Jerry’s will be holding its annual Chunk Fest from 2.30 to 11 pm at The Promontory @ Marina Bay. A hippie-themed ice cream festival to celebrate its ice cream and local music (or moo-sic, as the brand cornily calls it), Chunk Fest is a free-admission event. There are several ways to get there and Ben & Jerry’s will provide transport too – how thoughtful! – with a FunVee to ferry visitors from several places in town.

The brand will be flying in twelve new flavours just for the event (mmm…) and visitors to its website can vote to decide which one remains as part of its permanent range. I’ll be looking out for Chocowlate Chip and Pomegranate Sorbet. ;)

Each scoop purchased will give you to 1 Moolah (argh, the corniness of it all!). These vouchers can be accumulated to redeem exclusive Chunk Fest merchandise. I saw a B&J iPhone jacket on a friend’s phone recently and have been wanting it ever since – it has rainbows and wizened cows on it…need I say more?!

Chunk Fest is going to be very different from the Magnum Gold party I’d attended in May but I’m looking forward to this ice cream fest for its crazy whimsy – I think the puns are signs enough of the fun that the organisers have planned to churn up there! :)

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