Fujiya Chocolates

September 25, 2010

I bought this bunch of Fujiya choccies for my family yesterday, thanks to the Baskin Robbins one that caught my eye at Yamakawa (I miss this ice cream brand and wish that it would return to Singapore *sigh*). I ended up buying the other three – New York Cheese Cake, Milky, Parfait A La Mode – because the colourful and delicious-looking photos on the boxes were hard to resist! :P

The special one in the lot is actually the Milky box with Peko-Chan, the brand’s famous mascot – a cherubic, pigtailed girl with her tongue sticking up.

All the rest have choc pieces that spell the word ‘LOOK’ but this set has images of four-leaf clovers, candies, Peko-chan and her counterpart, Poko-chan! :)

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