Cosme Decorte AQ Workshop with Clarence Lee

To celebrate the launch of the latest Cosme Decorte AQ line, Kosé Singapore recently invited local celebrity makeup artist Clarence Lee to hold two workshops based on this colourful collection.

Much lauded for his work in the Singapore beauty industry, Clarence’s makeup creations frequently grace the pages of the local print media. Above is a pretty green smokey eye look he did for Female magazine using Cosme Decorte AQ Shadow Supreme in 027.

Clarence had created three looks for the workshop and the room unanimously voted for him to demonstrate the smokey eye one.

Using the beautiful colours from the new AQ line, he did just that. (This post focuses mainly on the workshop and Clarence’s methods; I’ll be writing another one about the products that are mentioned here.)

Clarence started off by applying Cosme Decorte AQ Makeup Base on the model’s face with his fingers. His preference for finger application stems from the fact that the fingers help him feel the contours of the visage, as well as impart warmth to soften and blend products. As he applied the primer, he reminded the audience to apply face products in a downward motion, comparing our facial hair to velvet fibres  – they should be smoothed down, not fluffed up.

He then applied Cosme Decorte AQ Cream Foundation Supreme, exhorting us to blend foundation into the hairline, so that there will not be a stark disparity between our hair and face in photographs. He also reminded us not to miss the corner of the eyes, the sides/tip of the nose and the lower corner of the lips.

Next, he gently applied Cosme Decorte AQ Concealer on the undereye area, telling us not to use something overtly light to brighten that area as this would result in a reverse panda look.

One of the highlights of this demonstration was the Cosme Decorte Modeling Nuancer range comprising two cream compacts in a soft brown and a white. Together, they sculpt and contour the features.

Clarence recommends using the  brown on the cheek hollows to define the cheeks. A little on the jawline also makes the face look slimmer.

In addition, he recommended applying the contouring cream on the sides of the nose to sharpen it,  reminding us to apply it downwards from the eyebrows for a natural shadow.

Using the white Modeling Nuancer, Clarence gently dabbed the product on the outer lower eye area, the nose bridge, the laugh lines, the T-zone and the chin – this minimises darkness and adds radiance, lifting the features in the process. He then finished the entire base look with a light dusting of Cosme Decorte AQ Face Powder N.

Next, he worked on the model’s eyes, demonstrating how a simple smokey eye can be created using just the sponge-tip applicators and brushes included in the Cosme Decorte Shadow Supreme eyeshadow palettes. He applied the grass green in Cosme Decorte AQ Shadow Supreme in 027 on the middle of each lid and the dark grey in Cosme Decorte AQ Shadow Supreme in 022 on the outer corner (extending to the socket) and on the inner corner (for more dimension), blending the shadows with gentle but precise strokes.

As he finished the look, he recommended joining the shadow on the lower lashline with the shadow on the upper lashline/upper outer corner, for a complete eye.

After he had lined the eyes, defined the brows and mascaraed the lashes, he blushed the cheeks with Cosme Decorte AQ Powder Blush N. He used a warm blush at first but brightened the apples of the cheeks with the addition of a cool-toned one, demonstrating the blush neutralising/toning-down method. He then applied a nude shade of Cosme Decorte AQ Rouge Supreme on the model’s lips.

Clarence putting the finishing touches on Jill, the model

The completed look

Everyone got to indulge in some makeup play, during and after Clarence’s demonstration. I liked how Kosé had generously provided cleansing products and enough makeup for each table.

I attended the event with Sophia, Kas and Iris. Sophia looked youthful and I loved how slim and pretty Iris looked in her tube dress. I also liked Kas’s bright top; a reflection of her colourful personality!

We had been invited by Debbie from Kosé Singapore, who looked chic and lovely in her belted beige shift. Unfortunately, my tired eyes really show in this photo and in those on my friends’ bloggies, no thanks to a lack of sleep the previous night and those damned eyebags that are my facial bane. My hair is frizzy too – I’d forgotten to use my Oshima Tsubaki camellia oil! :P

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