MAC Cosmetics Price Increase in Singapore

Although we ushered in 2011 with a flurry of beautiful makeup collections, bad news looms for MAC Cosmetics lovers – we will be seeing the prices of some MAC products go up, come 1 February 2011.

According to one of the MAC retail managers, this change reflects the global price rise of MAC products. Among other price changes, we will see MAC Eye Shadows go from S$26 to S$28 and MAC Lipsticks – currently S$28 – re-tagged at S$30.

As much as this is a dismay to me, I don’t see myself changing my MAC habits because I love the brand, plus MAC is still the mid-point between drugstore products and high-end cosmetics. If anything, the prices of the former are hovering dangerously close to those of MAC.

To avoid having to pay more, though, it’s best to start stocking up on your MAC faves and staples before this month is over. Happy shopping! :)


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