Shiseido Shimmering Rouge Lipsticks

Described by the brand as ‘sheer, brilliant color (that) infuses lips with lasting moisture and fullness’, Shiseido Shimmering Rouge lipsticks (S$43) contain plumping and moisturising ingredients that impart lightness and dimension to the lips for a pretty pout.

‘A new sophisticated take on shimmer and color’, Dick Page developed this range as an extension to the original Perfect Rouge (those gorgeous, silky lippies!) as a transition between the classic finish of the latter and the casual effect of lipglosses.

In 13 different hues, each colour has an interesting edge to it – they might look ordinary at first glance but a simple swatch reveals complex tones that are underscored by the infusion of reflective shimmer.

Here are swatches of these lipsticks:

RD601 Golden Dragon: A red that is at once deep in tone and light in texture. A slightly cooler version of the iconic Perfect Rouge in D514 Dragon.

BE702 Alabaster: A silver beige that would set off greyed smokey eyes beautifully.

BE303 Ingenue: A golden beige.

BR304 Grace: A deep, golden brown.

OR405 Sizzle: A pretty coral that has shades of orange sorbet.

RD406 Desire: A cool, mid-toned red.

PK407 Stiletto: A blue-pink with pretty multi-coloured shimmer.

RS308 Iron Maiden: A striking violet rose with complex sparkles. The signature colour of the collection.

RD709 Lounge: A brick with hints of sophisticated grey tones.

RS313 Brocade: A rose reminiscent of rich, woven fabric.

PK311 Pink Champagne: An effervescent peach pink that has a youthful feel to it.

RS312 Iced Rose: A blue-red with a semi-frosty sheen.

RD713 Discretion: A chic, grey-brown.

Image source: Shiseido Singapore


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