Review | Freshel White C W Cream UV SPF 32 PA++ BB Cream

I’ve read and heard mostly positive reviews of Kanebo Frēshel BB creams, so I was looking forward to trying out the press sample of the whitening version (S$33/50 g) that I received.

The plastic box that houses the product has a neat concept to ensure product integrity – a curved perforated line that seals the box until you cut or tear it open!

I really like the hygienic squeeze tube packaging and the silver-grey of the tube is a pretty colour too. :)

Although there’s only one shade, the cream is a good match for MAC NC20-25 skin tones. I’d say it’s a perfect match for people who are NC20 in MAC foundations and 02 or 20 in Japanese foundations (it leaves me, an NC25, looking a touch fairer).

The BB cream goes on very smoothly and gives excellent – buildable – coverage. The emollient texture makes it easy to blend on the face and a little goes a long way, given its pigmented quality. I like it buffed out for a natural finish and appreciate the evenness and the touch of radiance it imparts to my face. (Sadly, my eye bags are super prominent in the photo above – no amount of makeup can hide them! :P)

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to stay the oilies, though it’s all right for about an hour or two of wear. It can also cake a little in humid weather. Thankfully, blotting and powdering easily smooths out/rectifies this problem – interestingly, it doesn’t cake when powder is layered over it. Do also note that while it has a natural finish in real life, it can give off a white cast with flash photography, most likely because of its high SPF level.

Here are the details of this BB cream found on the Kanebo Frēshel website:

After the lotion application, this perfect BB cream work as an essence, emulsion, cream, sunscreen, and light makeup base.

Formulated with adhesive collagen for moisturizing effect and a fruit acid mixture for exfoliating and moisturizing care.

This non-greasy moisturizing cream provides UV protection and covers dark spots.

Effortlessly smoothes into the skin for a quick finish, making it possible to complete morning care quickly with just this cream.

  • Fruit acid mixture (exfoliating care & moisturizing ingredient)*
  • Adhesive collagen (moisturizing ingredient)
  • Citrus peel extract (exfoliating care & moisturizing ingredient)
  • Orange peel extract (exfoliating care & moisturizing ingredient)

* Bilberry extract, sugarcane extract, orange extract, lemon extract, sugar maple extract

Image source: Kanebo Frēshel


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