Review | Coffret D’Or Full Styling Rouge Glow in EX-01

I rediscovered this gem in my lipstick drawer recently and have been using it quite frequently. At S$46, it was quite a splurge but it’s worth every cent because of its lip moisturising and colour-tempering qualities, not to mention the shine it imparts.

A shiny cool-toned baby pink with refined multi-coloured sparkles, it was once recommended on 女人我最大 for retaining the true lip colour of other lipsticks. I don’t think it really works for this purpose but I love it as moisturising base for other lip products and to add a gleam of complexity. It tones down my deeper shades perfectly too, giving them a multi-dimensional quality at the same time.

This product has since been discontinued but if you come ever across it, don’t hesitate to grab it!

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