Pylones Foldable Hairbrush

While my husband was at Schiphol Airport in June, he bought this portable hair tool for me.

I wondered what the cute little disc was at first but when I opened it, I knew immediately that it was a retractable hairbrush. Doesn’t it remind you of a sea anemone?

All I have to do is invert the pink base from behind and out will pop the brush bristles.

I like its handy size and comfortable feel – it doesn’t snag the hair. It has a mirror too, which is a plus. I don’t have much information on the brand but from what I’ve gathered from the website, their charming products are created by a group of French designers.

There are other designs for this hairbrush but my hubby knew my heart when he chose this whimsical-looking fairy for me. ;)

He also picked up an absolutely adorable umbrella for me. I love the rain boots!

Image source: Pylones


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