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A good alternative to scrunchies, the Twistband is a snag-free hair tie that looks like an elastic ribbon loop. Whilst I like how secure my phone cord hair grips are, they do create unwanted marks and snag my hair, pulling away precious strands that I can ill-afford to spare. So I was quite happy when I received several Twistband samples recently.

People who prefer more elaborate hair accessories might scoff at my joy but besides their function, their simplicity is exactly what I love about these sleek hair ties which complement my fuss-free wardrobe.

Made of elastic trim, these soft loops are adjustable and can be unfastened and retied to create a more snug or looser fit. They go on and off easily, yet have a nice grip.

Their origins made me smile: Twistband founder Jessica Frandson was tired of having her baby tug at her hair, so she always kept her hair in a ponytail and had a spare hair tie on her wrist. However, regular hair bands hurt her head and her wrist, so she twisted a soft piece of elastic trim to hold back her hair…creating the first Twistband.

I do exactly what she did and am grateful not only for these snag-free hair elastics (bye bye dents!) but also how comfortable they feel on my wrist. They look pretty nice on the wrist too, thanks to their subtle sheen and simple knot. I now have a few scattered all over my home because they’re great for managing my mane that badly needs to be trimmed.

Unfortunately, their ends aren’t hemmed, causing the threads on the unfinished edges to unravel. These stray threads can look unsightly but they can be neatened with a snip of the scissors. Though this isn’t a long-term solution, I suppose they aren’t meant to last for a very long time, as with most hair elastics.

In Singapore, Twistband hair ties are available from Bellabox Singapore which also offers a subscription beauty box service.

Available in safe neutral colours like brown and black, these stylish hair ties also come in brighter colours like cherry and raspberry. Each Twistband trio comes with a little ball chain. I believe the e-store plans to bring in more variations, so do look out for them.

I like these so much that I’m thinking of ordering the Metallic Jessica Hair Tie Set, a trio comprising a navy, a turquoise and a plum. :)

Image source: Twistband


  • Jamilla says:

    Thanks for this! I am always looking for ways to create a neat ponytail!

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Jamillia,

    These are great. Sleek, simple and effective! :)

  • It’s so ironic that Beauty Info Zone reviewed these on the same day. For US readers there’s a 25% off code on my site that can be used. Both my blog partner Lisa and I are placing an order since these are so great. I definitely want the metallic ones too Mag! And I promised my sister I’d get her some.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Marcia,

      These are lovely. I absolutely love how they don’t leave a mark on my wrist yet hold up my hair well. That’s an awesome offer! The metallic ones are sold out here, believe it or not. *waves* to Lisa!~

  • Natalie says:

    If you dont want your twistbands to fray, hold a lighter or a match lightly to the end and slightly burn it. This means no fraying, and the twistbands or any FOE hair tie for that matter will last a lot longer as they rarely break.

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