Laura Mercier at Sephora Singapore

This month, Sephora Singapore welcomes Laura Mercier to its stores.

The brand was previously available here at a small beauty store but the high prices and musty testers always deterred me from purchasing or even exploring the products. The spanking new gondola at Sephora is much more inviting, with new (read: non-dusty) product pieces and a comprehensive selection.

The Sephora prices are disappointingly much higher than I’d expected (though lower than at the aforementioned store). It’s the price we have to pay, I suppose – both literally and figuratively – for being able to play with the products in real life. I’m not one to split pennies (plus I’m all for instant makeup gratification!), so I’d prolly purchase something I like, despite the cost. Even so, I’m frankly tired of high mark-ups which seem like beauty penalties.

I’ve enjoyed this brand for years; one of my most memorable eyeshadow quads, Blue Sky, comes from Laura Mercier and I love the mauve-based Mosaic Shimmer Bloc in Orchid too. Both are limited edition but there’s always more to explore from the permanent line – base makeup products like the popular Tinted Moisturizer and Invisible Loose Setting Powder, for instance. I’m genuinely pleased to see this brand officially arrive on our sunny shores but I do wish the prices could be closer to those in the US.

Here’s to yet another addition to the expanding beauty playground in Singapore…though I’d clamour for price revisions.

On a somewhat-related note, Sephora Singapore has launched the Sephora White Loyalty Program which issues a 10% discount off future purchases with every S$250 spent. This amount is tallied in a point system (S$1 = 1 point). I suppose this is the silver lining in the grey retail cloud!


  • Jyoan says:

    I never knew they are marked up that much.

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Jyoan,

      Depending on the items, the exchange rate is between 1.6+ and 1.7+, which can mean a lot with the US dollar being lower these days. There’s always instant gratification (see, like, buy! ;)) and I’m glad the Sephora program takes the edge off the sticker shock. Still, a 10% discount voucher isn’t as enticing as a S$40 voucher.

  • Germs says:

    What’s a must buy from laura mercier in your opinion? I’m also from sg and absolutely itching to try something from this brand but i’m also on a limited budget :(

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Germs,

      What are your concerns? For a start, the Invisible Loose Powder is pretty good, as is the Tinted Moisturizer. I just tried Eye Basics in Flax which I purchased recently – I like its pale yellow beige (with sublte shimmer) which evens out the skin tone of my eye area and livens it up. :)

  • Christina Chiang says:

    I’m so happy :D first it’s nars and tom ford, then now laura mercier? this year will be a happy year for me (and a sad one for my wallet :X)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Christina,

      I love that we can finally play with the products in person! My wallet commiserates with yours. :P

  • memoiselle says:

    I went there few days ago and can’t stop myself from buying a few things. I bought a lip plumper and an eyeshadow. I wish Laura Mercier Singapore will bring more products in the future :)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hello Memoiselle,

      I hope so too. For now, I’m pleased that some really nice products have found their way here.

  • germs says:

    thanks for the review on the next post! think i’m going to grab myself the kit if it’s S$105 so i can try everything! (rubs hands in glee)

  • Claudia says:

    Hi. Do you know how much is the tinted moisturizer is? And does singapore sephora really have nars? :))

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Claudia,

      I can’t remember. You can call Sephora to check. And yes, NARS is coming our way this November; it will be available at the new Tangs beauty hall! ;)

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