Cosme Decorte AQMW Makeup

Formulated with ‘miracle sapphire pearl’, the new makeup range from Cosme Decorte AQMW (short for Absolute Quality Miracle Wonder) promises to transform ordinary pigments into ‘resplendent hues’ that encapsulate the spectrum of visible light.

Its inspiration? The Morpho butterfly, whose iridescent wings make it seem like a living jewel. In mimicking the biological structure of these beautiful wings, AQMW sought to create natural expressions of beauty in its makeup collection.

A collaboration with Marcel Wanders, the world-renowned avant-garde designer from the Netherlands, all the receptacles (palettes/compacts/wands/tubes/bottles) are engraved with a floral curlicue motif. Against that backdrop is a minute butterfly, a subtle detail that imbues them with a charming touch.

The eyeshadows in the Cosme Decorte AQMW Eyeshadow Palette (S$82) range were also inspired by the borderless gradations found in nature – the colours of a sunset and the horizon of the sea, for instance.

To that end, each compact contains 4 colours with different textures and is arranged from the ‘ground’ (the darkest colour) to the ‘sky’ (the lightest) to give dimension to the eyes.

Stunningly-etched with the same design as its packaging, each Cosme Decorte AQMW Lipstick (S$51) has a smooth, creamy texture with a moist and rich colour payoff.

I’m actually surprised by how affordable these lip lovelies are, compared to the other lipsticks under the Cosme Decorte brand.

Seemingly unassuming, the Cosme Decorte AQMW Blend Blush (S$81; S$61 for a refill pan) creates a gradation that sculpts the cheeks naturally.

The Cosme Decorte AQMW Soft Eyebrow Pencil (S$46; S$41 for a pencil refill) easily allows you to create a gentle gradation on your brows, imparting a soft and natural finish.

In Singapore, Cosme Decorte can be found at Isetan Scotts and Takashimaya.


  • Sara says:

    The eyeshadow palettes look like absolute darlings! So pretty in color and also in packaging. And the lipstick price point does seem pretty attractive!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Sara,

      They’re gorgeous. I love how the print is etched deeply into the products. :) Yep – rather affordable, compared to those in the AQ range.

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