Ma Chérie in Singapore

Singapore fans of Ma Chérie can now stop the pining and overseas purchases – the popular drugstore haircare brand has finally arrived on our shores.

I haven’t tried it personally but have heard several raves about it, more notably for its scent.

A fruity champagne fragrance, the smell has a seemingly fizzy edge.

According to Shiseido, Ma Chérie’s parent company, the notes in the fragrance are:

valencia orange, ruby grapefruit, mixed berries, pineapple, rose, peach (top)
lily, magnolia, pink peony, lilac (middle)
musk, sandalwood, amber, cedar wood (base)

Ma Chérie can be found at Watsons stores across the island.

Here are the prices of Ma Chérie products in Singapore:

  • Air Feel Shampoo (200 ml) – S$10.90
  • Air Feel Conditioner (200 ml) – S$10.90
  • Air Feel Shampoo (500 ml) – S$19.90
  • Air Feel Conditioner (500 ml) – S$19.90
  • Air Feel Treatment (180 g) – S$19.90
  • Air Feel Shampoo & Conditioner travel set (50 ml each) – S$8.90
  • Moisture Shampoo (200 ml) – S$11.50
  • Moisture Conditioner (200 ml) – S$11.50
  • Moisture Shampoo (500 ml) – S$20.50
  • Moisture Conditioner (500 ml) – S$20.50
  • Moisture Treatment (180 g) – S$19.90
  • Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner travel set (50 ml each) – S$8.90
  • Aqua Energy Mist (200 ml); mist treatment for frizzy hair – S$17.90
  • Aqua Dew Energy Ex (120 g); gel treatment for frizzy hair – S$16.90
  • Perfect Shower Moist (250 ml); treatment for unruly hair – S$17.90
  • Perfect Shower Smooth (250 ml); treatment for frizzy hair – S$17.90
  • Perfect Shower Wave (250 ml); treatment for curly hair – S$17.90
  • Hair Fragrance (100 g) – S$16.90
  • Hair Oil (60 ml) – S$16.90

Not only are their prices fairly reasonable, the pink bottles look pretty in the bathroom! ;)

Image source: Ma Chérie


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