Singapore Crew of Asia’s Next Top Model Shortchanged

An off-shoot of Tyra Banks’s popular reality TV show, Asia’s Next Top Model was mainly filmed here in Singapore with an exceptional local team working behind-the-scenes.

Unfortunately, these veteran freelancers, including the director and the makeup unit, have been shoddily treated: 35 of them are still being owed their wages by Ice-TV, the production company, despite production having been wrapped up more than 2 months ago. And these are just the people who have come forward; there are others who have chosen not to pursue this openly. The show is scheduled to air soon, the conspicuous outstanding payments notwithstanding. Incredible, no?

It’s appalling because the crew had toiled for more than 6 weeks straight, 10 hours a day, with the time often stretching beyond that. I know a few of them – they’re some of the sweetest and most talented folks in the industry who, being who they are, make me feel indignant about this issue (hence this post), though I’m an outsider. They are people you’ll want on your production team: Gifted and dedicated, they commit fully to their shoots, pouring their heart and soul into them.

Since the last day of the shoot, Ice-TV has reneged on payment and made short shrift of the crew’s repeated requests to be paid their wages. A downright travesty, given how they’d worked their asses off for the production!

By all accounts, this spin-off series is well-made, with problems mostly at the upper management level. A shame, really, considering that lesser shows are plagued with mishaps on set. Surely these people who have laboured together to deliver a stellar show should be given due respect and more importantly, be paid what’s rightfully owed to them?

It’s ludicrous that the program should be mired in this distasteful money-mess – with big names behind it, one would not have expected the crew to be treated in this manner. It isn’t surprising then that the show, which could have been wholly laudable, is now shrouded in a miasma of disappointment and ire. How disgraceful it is that the errant production company has forgotten that without the crew, there would be no show.

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  • Sara says:

    Such a pity that the show started off with such controversies but its always these top management that feel they can get away with issues as such, post-pone payments and all and… well, in lack of a way to put it, treat others like filth just because they think they have the power to hire. How sad and hope the affected ones get their payments soon!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Sara,

      I was looking forward to watching it but sadly its airing has been tainted by this. Would you believe the food suppliers, fashion designer and one of the judges have not been paid?! Preposterous, don’t you think? How the company could go into this without the funds and think they can get away without paying the staff, I can’t fathom.

      The management has promised payment but I’m not sure if they’ve seen it through. I hope it’s resolved satisfactorily.

  • Katie says:

    That’s crazy! I am super behind on ANTM but watch enough to know that Tyra gets crazier by the minute. Still, you would think she would have enough common decency to pay the very people who make the show happen! Appalling!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Katie,

      I remember your ANTM craze! I think it rubbed off on me too then, heh! The non-payment has nothing to do with Tyra (she had to send them a lawyer’s letter too, ahem).

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