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Clio Trio Bloody Series Gelpresso Close Up

Here’s your chance to try these new Gelpresso eyeliners from Clio.

Clio Trio Bloody Series Gelpresso in Bloody Devil, Bloody Angel, Bloody Sweet Swatches

This striking threesome comprises No. 13 Bloody Sweet (beige pink), No. 14 Bloody Angel (rose red) and No. 15 Bloody Devil (deep burgundy).

Clio Trio Bloody Series Gelpresso

I’ll be giving away 3 sets here and 3 sets on Facebook.

For a chance to win this Clio trio:

1. You must be following Makeup Stash! on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

2. Follow Clio Singapore on Facebook.

3. As 2NE1’s Sandara Park (or Dara, to her fans) is the current face for Clio, share anything related to K-entertainment here! If you have no inkling of the Korean entertainment scene, just leave a comment telling me what you enjoy on the telly or silver screen – I always welcome good recs. :)

4. Leave a valid email address in the email field so that I can contact you, should you win.


  • This contest is open to Singapore residents only.
  • This contest will close on 22 May 2013 at midnight.
  • The winners will be notified via email. If there is no acknowledgement within 24 hours, other winners will be picked.

~ Good luck! ~

And the winners are:


Yosefina Naomi

Chen Meiyuen

~ Congrats! ~


  • makeupmag says:

    Here’s mine:

    I love One Night 2 Days (1N2D), a Korean variety program that takes viewers across South Korea with heaps of laughter and hilarity along the way, thanks to the motley crew of cast members who play sometimes-insane games to eat and sleep indoors. :)

  • Kahying says:

    I love 2 Days 1 Night too! Singtel shows it on their mioTV KBS world channel. The show always has humorous guest celebrities desperate to sleep indoors/have a seat on the mode of transportation. what i really like about it is that they also showcase the cultural side of Korea! So we viewers get to learn more about their food, culture and even historical attractions and not just the K-pop and K-drama side of things. Other than that running man is great too (typically Singaporean opinion) cause IT IS JUST HILARIOUS. Guffaw guffaw guffaw.

  • Ming Shu says:

    Self-proclaimed K-pop fan. What else but the good old Running Man? It combines action, mystery and “romance”? The love-hate relationship between Kwang Soo and Jong Kook never fails to get me cracking. The ever smart ace, Ji Hyo and her lover boy, Gary. The Betrayer Gang, Kwang Soo, Suk Jin and HaHa. And how could we miss out the Grasshopper, Yoo Jae Suk, who is the life of the show.

    This show is so huge that they even got Jackie Chan on it. Thanks to my influential influence, both my parents are now addicted to this variety show.

  • Kristen says:

    Sadly, I am not a fan of K-pop but I learn from their makeup techniques. I have hidden double eyelids which equals to single eyelid so some of the korean makeup tutorials are more applicable to me. What the artistes wore on shows are good references for us asians as we have similar body build and skin tone.

  • Audrey Yuen says:

    My favourite K-Pop group is TVXQ! I’m a huge fan and have attended their concerts!
    For K-variety, I recommend Running Man and the current show on KBS Our Neighbourhood Arts & Physical Education.
    For K-drama, you might want to look at some “old” shows such as My Girl, City Hall, Scent of A Woman, Lovers in Paris, Coffee Prince.

  • yiyi says:

    I love big bang and brown eyed girls!!
    I love 2D1N too! But since kang ho dong left feel like its missing something. Lol but that’s just me! Now am an addict to running men! Woohoo

  • Lynn says:

    I love Running Man! The show makes me laugh so hard I always feel like my abs get more defined after each show hah! My mom also badgers me to watch ‘That Winter the Wind Blows’ but I’ve yet to watch it.

  • Anne says:

    Oh gives me back those old K-Dramas…Winter Sonata, Lovers in Paris and Iris..loves those old-fashioned storyline that made ones cry and laugh at the same time..oh..and of cos i love love Lee Dong Gun! haha

  • Rachel Freed says:

    Is PSY considered K-entertainment? LOL… I have to admit, I’m not a huge TV/Drama watcher so I can’t comment. I don’t even tune in to Channel U or 8. I love how pretty Dara looks and she’s so talented! No wonder she is the face for CLIO Singapore. My favorite program on TV currently is BBC Knowledge > The Private Life of Plants. I know… plants.. bah, boring. I thought so too until I started watching it, very fascinating. I also watch Discover Channel’s Dual Survival and Man Woman Wild and wonder if I can ever go in the wild and survive without makeup. (hehe joking.) And my favorite movie of all time is Avatar! So cliche but sincerely the best movie for me.

  • Kenzie Pan says:

    I’m going to Korea for my honeymoon! I’m sure I will have lots to share when I return but, at the moment, I’m a mega Korean skin care and makeup fan and love CLIO Singapore’s makeup and can’t live without my eyeliners. I do love Sandara Park in 2NE1 and korean guys (LOL)! My favorite movie at the moment is The Great Gatsby — showing in theatres islandwide haha.

  • Aileen Tay says:

    My all time favourite K-drama is winter sonata!

  • Patricia Cheng says:

    love watching Running man… it’s an entertainment show that I’ll never miss and must watch from the 1st episode else may get quite lost

  • Tabitha says:

    I really don’t know anything about Korean entertainment. However, if you like watching detective dramas, I recommend this Japanese one called Biblia koshodou no jiken techou. It’s slightly different from your normal detective dramas and this one doesn’t have the blood and gore (at least not up to where I’ve watched) that crime shows have. So worth checking out! :D

  • Yvonne says:

    Ahh.. I love the old Korean dramas, especially Winter Sonata, and also classics like Boys Over Flowers and City Hunter. Recently dropped off watching dramas because of the time factor.

    1 other recommendation though – I love reading and watching this lady Jen (frmheadtotoe) on her blog ( and on youtube. She’s a Korean freelance makeup artist, and I learnt a lot from her blogs/videos!

  • Chen Mei Yuen says:

    Hey Mag ^^. I’m such a big fan of 2NE1!! (blackjack here)!
    Hehe, dramas and shows? Well, i’ve watched some really nice K-dramas. Do you like investigation and police dramas? I love them! Some of which are Crime Squad, Ghost 2012 and Vampire prosecutor(1 &2)! Romance k-dramas like Cruel Temption, Boys over flowers, Stairways to heaven (You have to prepare tissue for this T_T), Princess Hours, My name is Kim Sam Soon, I love Lee Tae Ri and so many more… hoho. Kdramas are nice ^~^. Variety shows would be of course, the very famous Running Man! Gosh, i love it so much! And Family Outing. It’s a variety show but has stopped. (There is Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyori (sexy queen)in F.O!) I’ve never been to Korea and i wished to go, one reason why is.. i wanna buy all their makeup there! (Missha, etude house, holika holika, the face shop, clio, hera, the saem, tony moly). It’s much cheaper there than in singapore.. ):
    And mag, if you haven’t listen to any korean songs, i can recommend you 2NE1’s and Bigbang’s. I love the two groups alot! <3
    Hope you pick me, thanks alot!!

  • Si Tian says:

    I am a fan of 2NE1, they are cool and funky with their fashion. They always amaze me, especially in their fashion and make up!
    CL will be having her solo! Woo can’t wait! (Hope that they will be back as a group as well! Finger crossed, it has been a while after all.)

    Favourite variety shows: Running Man, Family Outing. They are really hilarious. You should watch it when you feel low or bored!
    Dramas: Secret Garden, King 2 hearts, Rooftop Prince, You’re Beautiful, City Hunter and many more(><)

    Hope I will be picked!

    Thank you for reading my comment!

  • Dean N. says:

    Not a fan of Korean entertainment.. Tempted to watch Running Man, but I don’t have time as I’ve just got a newborn :)

    Am more of a follower of US series… Would like to suggest that you watch Game of Thrones! That’s our precious couple time with the bub in tow ;)

  • Zu Hui says:

    I love watching RUNNINGMAN, Dream Team and 2D1N. I love how Runningman and Dream Team actually invites Kpop stars like SNSD, BIGBANG AND IU to their variety show. It shows a different side of the stars and it’s amazing how they can be funny. For 2D1N I love how they introduces yummy Korean food while doing mission and the food will be their reward. All these 3 variety shows never fail to make me laugh real hard and also they make my day! Always looking forward to their new episodes every week! ^^

    For Korean dramas, I like teenage dramas like Dream High and Coffee Prince. The actors and actresses are all so gorgeous and handsome and flawless! A bit of fan girl here. Haha.

    I really hope to win this eyeliner set as I have never tried these colours on my eyes before and I have really small eyes so I need to put on eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger and more energetic. Have tried other brands that claimed to be smudgeproof and waterproof but then they still smudges. :( hope to win this set as I love how unique the colours are, you don’t see eyeliners coming in red and I have heard really good reviews about it so I can’t wait to try it! ^^ Hope I can be the lucky one!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Zu Hui,

      I LOVE Coffee Prince. It’s possibly my favourite K-drama of all time. I love the soundtrack, the storyline, the excellent acting and the general feel of the drama (And yes, Gong Yoo and Lee Seon Gyun are awesome too!). :)

  • Fenny says:

    Hi Mag! I wanna win this set of eyeliners because whatever Sandara endorses are super in trend and I would love to try them! K-pop makeup is also getting to wider audiences so thank god Clio is distributed in Singapore. I love Sandara since her debut cos she always wears iconic fashion and makeup trend in her MVs, and I have to admit, I do take up her style sometimes. I hope these eyeliners can help me get a more kpop look, just like Sandara! Thanks~

  • Tan Rui Ting says:

    I’m loving the new Girls Generation music video for Love & Girls. It is so colourful and bubbly amd happy! I love the vibe of the whole music video and the fashion in the video just makes me jealous! All the shoes are so fab!

  • Verlyn says:

    I love K-dramas! Some of my faves are Secret Garden, 49Days, Rooftop Prince featuring my eye-candies Hyun Bin, Jung Il Woo, Park Yoochun ❤

  • Kai Shi says:

    Today is DaDoong’s ,Dara’s brother aka MBLAQ’s Thunder’s CAT, birthday! Yes this is how crazy of a fan i am~ 2NE1 recently celebrated their 5 year anniversary of being 2NE1! So proud of the girls. From Fire & I Don’t Care to I am the Best & I Love You ,they rocked my world. I’ve watched all episodes of 2NE1 TV, yeap, for all 3 seasons! Sadly i missed their concert in Singapore bcos i had to work. :(

    Recent drama reccomendation: Cheongdam dong Alice is niceeee~ i’m currently watching Jang Ok Jung! Its showing on SONE (starhub channel 823) Mon & Tues night!

    Entertainment show: Running Man!!! It is soooo gooood~ i wish they would come to Singapore to film!!!

    Hope i can win this bcos i really would like the eyeliners~

  • Celeste says:

    I love k-pop! from make up to drama! My favorite variety K-entertainment show is running man! Love watching Kdrama such as my gentleman dignity, Dr Jin, rooftop prince. <3

  • Apryl says:

    I don’t have the slightest idea on what’s hot in the Kpop industry but I only know that Yoon Eun Hye got me wanting the Schiap lipstick very very very badly the moment the news were talking about her lipstick. :)

  • Chu Xuan Tan says:

    Dear Mag, I recently came across your instagram account and I enjoy your posts a lot! I’m pretty similar to you in some way because I love make up and I am thrilled to join this giveaway.

    As much as I have no inkling of the K-Pop or Korean entertainment scene, I see myself always being very curious about the pretty girls in the girl groups. Not just a fan of their sleek and bubbly dance moves, I also love recreating their make up looks. I love how they look so soft yet so polished at the same time! Compared to western inspired make up, I feel that Korean inspired make up is more appropriate and attainable in terms of recreating them! You may look up some videos from the Kpop girl groups to find some inspiration!

    Please pick me! ^^

  • Yosefina Naomi says:

    KPOPPPPPP! The most happening thing in the world!

    I admire 2NE1 and Big Bang the most! I want to share my experience. :)

    When 2NE1 in Singapore last time, I did not plan to stalk them. BUT, the fate said differently. I was having dinner at Marche Vivo City. Unfortunately, 2NE1 was there too!!!! (I knew it from twitter :p)
    I stopped eating and instantly jumped out and ran out to find them! Me with 3 other friends ran around the seafood restaurants there (because they just posted picture of chili crab). You know what!!!!!!! I got them!!! They walked to their bus through mrt station with few bodyguards. They did not dressed up too fancy maybe to keep in shadow from the fans. But i cant get closer look because the bodyguards made the distance and they got into the bus. :(

    I did not get their tickets because of the unavailability, but thanks God i could see them in persons. This is my besttt experience with kpop so far. So, we does not need to sad if we cannot get tickets to our idols’ shows, because if it is meant to be, it will be. :D

  • Rahayu says:

    Hi, I may not listen to K pop but me and my friends love to jive to their songs during our monthly karaoke sessions even though we have no idea what they’re singing. We love to follow their actions and sing whichever parts we are able to follow! :D

  • Kelly Teo says:

    RUNNING MAN!!! it’s super hilarious and definitely a stress reliever after a long long day at work!

  • Lily says:

    My favorite Kdrama would definitely goes to ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’. A hilarious yet heartwarming drama not to be missed. I like rock & pop groups such as Big Bang, Beast and currently VIXX. The dance moves, choreography and their flawless makeup brings out the uniqueness in each group :)You can never get tired listening to their songs and I am pretty addicted to watching their MVs. In short, Kpop is simply awesome & addictive!

  • wenny says:

    fb: wen ny
    recently, im addicted to kbs gag concert. but my favourite character gyaru san had been cancelled from the show :( awwww. but there are still cute and funny segmants such as mdm jeong, 4 men, the young king and the animals. you can watch the weekly ep on kbs world channel on youtube :)

  • Rachel says:

    Hey Mag! I don’t really follow KPOP but I simply love Korean dramas. They are all so heart wrenching and touching, makes me cry most of the time. My 2 favourites are secret garden and city hunter. These two dramas have a very unique plot which is really rare in today’s drama world where storylines are mostly repeated. This is my first time applying for makeup stash!

  • Jasmine says:

    helloooooo! I love bigbang and kara! their styles are really mesmerising! the kara girls are gorgeous and they have the best moves. they show a diversity in music styles (from the past to present) and they also prove that if you keep on trying, there will eventually be success. bigbang is another band I respect a lot as each member showcases a different skill and they are so unique! you can definitely tell each member’s voice apart as well as their individual styles. thank you once again, mag! your giveaways are always so amazing! (:

  • Doreen Tan says:

    I like watching RUNNINGMAN and Dream Team shows on TV. So funny and exciting.

  • Tarandip says:

    Unfortunately, I do not know much about K entertainment but I do think they have a great hand with makeup techniques – impressive even!

    Nonetheless, I enjoy watching this law series, Suits, partly because I was unable to study Law in Singapore, so am feeding my desire through that series. It is brilliantly written and exceptionally executed by the cast. Thought-provoking to say the least.

  • Chin Ting says:

    hmmmm. The last korean drama I followed was ‘Jewel in the palace’ cos it was so food focused!! :P Sorry, not much of a lead here!!

  • Amanda Huiwen says:

    I really enjoy watching Hong Kong dramas! One of which I really enjoyed recently is Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles. Love love the Shanghai Tang vibe in that show!

  • Renie wang says:

    I love this eyeliner as there are a lot of funky colours available and with this eyeliner, i can create a very twinkle look just like my favourite idol SNSD. Twinkle, twinkle…wow… :)

  • Tiziana Kang says:

    I love Running Man!& my favorite korean dramas are ‘My Girl’, ‘Secret Garden’, ‘Tales Of Autumn’, ‘Love Rain’ & ‘You are beautiful’. Also, i love korean songs, be it love songs, ballad, pop or electro. &&& I have always love korean products. Few years ago, I will always patronize at my regular korean hair salon at Far East Plaza… But sadly, they had closed down. & i am using Korean compact powder & facial masks! =)

  • Tiffany Kang says:

    My favorite k dramas will be “Full House”, “49 Days” and “summer scent” cause i love these artistes and they are really talented and have good acting skills.

    For Kpops, i like “Shinee”, “Ft Island”, “Tvxq” and “Exo”, their good looks and music simply rock.

    Lastly, my favorite korean variety show will be “Running Man”! Good source of entertainment plus this show never fails to put a smile on my face whenever i’m feeling down and some episodes can get me laughing like mad!

  • Samantha says:

    Hi Mag!

    I used to listen to kpop regularly back in school, but I’ve lost touch of it ever since, however solo artists such as byul, tiger jk, tasha has still been one of my favourites (Especially when drama serials use songs for their OSTs)

    I really love the variety show, running man! It’s been my absolute favourite at making dull days satisfying after a arduous day of work!

    You can check out kdramas like reply1997!

    Have fun & enjoy! :-)

  • Tan Janette says:

    Not much of a K-pop fan but love K-dramas, especially those with Lee Ming Ho :)

  • Jessica Chua says:

    Hi! I love the k dramas Answer me 1997, playful kiss, secret garden, city hunter, greatest love… the list goes on and on! Not that into K pop but songs by Psy are sure catchy! :)

  • Teng Yee says:

    I love k-dramas though I haven’t got the time to watch anything now.. I love their makeup too!

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