Estée Lauder Makeup Travel Exclusives

Estee Lauder Travel Retail Makeup Sets

One of the best things about shopping at duty-free locales are the nifty sets that can see you through makeup emergencies and more during your travels.

With a nice variety both in shades and product selections, Estée Lauder makes some of the more comprehensive kits out there. Happily, the quality has also improved from the sets of old: Where before they were somewhat blah and unmemorable, the ones today include a versatile range of colours (often neutrals mixed with brights), as well as full-/deluxe-sized EL workhorse pieces like concealer, eyeliner and mascara. If you’re sharp-eyed enough, you might even find items that aren’t available at our local counters. ;)

These useful coffrets and palettes can be found at travel retail locations, including airports and duty-free stores. I already own quite a few of such sets, so I’m giving these away on Instagram to celebrate my birthday. Do look out for them!


  • Julilynmashy says:

    Hi Mag, I would love to win this estee lauder giveaway. Honestly, I do not own any estee lauder products so that is why I’m participating in this giveaway. I’m in my early twenties and still exploring makeup away from my teenage drug store cosmetics years. I look forward to your reviews and updates on your site as they are reliable because you are based in Singapore. We’re in the same space and enduring the same hot weather so I’ll be able to know whether a certain product I’m drooling over would actually work on my skin in this temperature. Usually if I were to buy a product, I would look up on your site to see whether you have reviewed it or not.

    I love your reviews and updates and would love to win the estee lauder travel kit. Thank you for doing all of us a favor here. Oh and my instagram id is Julilynmashy.

    Have a great birthday Mag!!!

  • Seejin says:

    I love these kits that I can find in airport DFS as they usually come in very pretty packaging! I can’t live without neutral colors for the eyes & that’s the most basic criteria when buying a kit. Sometimes it gets hard to resist temptations cos I’m working at the airport!

  • Clara Au says:

    Hi mag! :))
    Alcohol in skincare -safe or not this post interest me . As a woman, it’s important for us to keep our skin complexion in a tip top condition in our daily life. The links in the post is useful to me to achieve better skin for my girlfriends and me ! In the future ,we will be more careful when chosing the right skincare for our skin care routine to prevent any unnessary skin allgeric reactions

    & i would like to win the birthday set 2!
    Instagram nick : claaaaramink

    Happy birthday to you and your daughter! May all your dreams come true. ❤❤❤❤

  • I am particularly partial to a travel set – it’s a fun way to try some new colours!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hey Sam,

      And some are only exclusive to travel retail! Some are really pretty (Bobbi Brown, YSL). Hope you find some nice ones the next time you’re at Changi Airport!

  • Mandy says:

    Hi mag,
    First of all, wish u and your lovely daughter happy birthday for the month.

  • Aleksandra says:

    Hello, I really like Estee Lauder cosmetic and wold like to win one of the sets in your instagram giveaway. It cam be set from day 2 or eyes/lips set! Thank you for interesting blog and pictures in instagram. My nickname in instagram is missgreatest

  • Aleksandra says:

    Hello, I really like Estee Lauder cosmetic and wold like to win one of the sets in your instagram giveaway. It can be set from day 2 or eyes/lips set! Thank you for interesting blog and pictures in instagram. My nickname in instagram is missgreatest

  • Jan s says:

    Ooh thanks for posting. I love anything travel sized, both makeup and Skincare. Those palettes have a good assortment of colors! I’m in for the giveaway :) hope to win set5 and Instagram nick jansng :)

  • carlee says:

    Omg okay well after reading this review i cant decide what i woukd want more. At first i wanted to try out the brushes because ive ownes the same 3 brushes my older sister gave me about 2yrs ago. And i think it about time to upgrade, and after reading this i so wanna try out the shadows and eye liner now. I would spluge on this if i could, but id be living out of a box if i did that. My income barely gets me by so i try and enter some giveaways even though i never got lucky yet i still keep trying lol i have one question do you know how to get rid of or fade dark circles? Ive norticed that im starting to get them and i hate it so much i feel like its so noticable ): help me pleasee! Thank you for hosting this giveaway btw ^ͺ^ and before i lforget my ig name is watchmyshoes_23

  • Ming Shu says:

    These travel sets certainly provide a good introduction to people like me who doesn’t own any Estee Lauder product at all. What a pity I only saw your post now that I’ve just returned from my Bkk trip. Gonna keep a lookout for them on my next trip. Thanks for the intro Mag!
    Instagram ID: m33soup
    Twitter: mSs0ng

  • Iuhuz says:

    Hi Mag,

    First, I would like to thank you for organising such a wonderful giveaway! <3 <3 you are so generous to give 7 sets of Estée Lauder and Clinique sets to you readers aka instagram followers! ^^ That's really a lot and I love all the sets that you are giving away! x.x

    I am currently 20 years old and I am trying out different makeup brands to see which brand suits me better. Heard a lot of good reviews about Estée Lauder and Clinique producs but haven got a chance to try them out yet. Hence, this giveaway gives me a chance of owning an Estée Lauder or Clinique set to try out. I am currently still studying and I earn my own keep so these products are quite expensive for me to buy with my income as much as I want to unless I save up a lot so it would be good if I win one of these sets so that I get to try them out and also save some money so that I can try out other products from Estée Lauder, Clinique and other brands. ^^

    I like to read your website, especially those where you review those latest makeup collection from different brand so I can have a rough idea of what the brand have instead of going down to retail stores to look at them. ^^ I hope you can do more comparison of different brands and could you please recommend me any bb cream or foundation that is good for normal to oily skin and has medium to high coverage?


    P/S: My instagram username is iuhuz and I would like to win any of the sets as they are all so difficult to choose. You know how girls can suck at making decisions, especially on pretty stuffs like the sets you have on giveaway!

  • Mandy says:

    Just realised that my reply to your post only appear the first 2/3 sentences. The rest gone. ;(

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