Anna Sui Spring 2011 Collection

The Spring 2011 collection is full of beautiful, bold colors.  We have a great range this season – 15 shades of lip color in our new Lip Gloss C collection, and 8 in Lip Gloss R!  All of the glosses glide on seamlessly, giving a rich lacquered lip.  My favorite shade is my signature No.450, ‘Anna Red.’  We also have new, brilliant nail colors added to the collection.  I love the whole palette – there is a great iridescent orange that really pops.  I can’t wait to try them all!

– Anna Sui

This spring, Anna Sui Cosmetics will launch two new ranges of lipglosses to impart luscious leading-lady lips. I believe they will be part of Anna Sui’s permanent lip line-up. The collection also introduces new additions to the Nail Color N range, as well as a limited edition trio of stunning blush duos with an elaborate lace-like overspray – yet another visual triumph from the brand. I’m particularly looking forward to trying out these beautiful cheek colours!

Below are the descriptions and prices of this collection:

Double Cheek Color (S$41)

Formulated to last on the cheeks, these bright and translucent colours contain viscous oil agents to aid blending and impart intensity. According to the brand, they can be used to create depth:

Plate, spherical and amorphous powders are expertly blended together to provide a soft finish.  The colors work with the contours of your face – creating a matte finish with a three-dimensional soft shine.

Lip Gloss C (S$33)

Translucent and reflective, this range contains ‘Smooth Stay Gel’ to soften rough lip lines and smooth out uneven lip texture.

Lip Gloss R (S$33)

This formula contains a hydrating ‘Moist Rich Oil’, while ‘Color Keep Oil’ captures a large amount of pigment and preserves the glossy enamel finish.

Nail Color N (S$24)

The Anna Sui Spring 2011 Collection is available from January 2011 at all local Anna Sui counters.

Image source: Anna Sui Cosmetics


  • Anna Crystal says:

    Oh my, oh my, oh my, seems like I’ll treat myself to two cheek duos and some glosses *wallet cries* *shut wallet* *wallet silents* I’m not sure about the polishes, are they good?

    What do you plan to get?

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Anna,

      I really like the look of the pink blush duo. I might get one of the lipglosses too but we’ll see – I’ve imposed a lippy/gloss ban on myself because I need to use up what I have. I might be tempted if I find something really special, though! ;)

      The Anna Sui polishes tend to be a little sheer but if I recall correctly, Anna Sui SG mentioned that the formulation will/has changed. The Anna Sui flakies are very beautiful!

  • chocfull says:

    This is one brand IMO you pay a lot for packaging & just a lil for the products but most women still go googooogaagaa over packaging. Clever marketing!

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Farah,

      I know what you mean; the packaging is TDF! There are some gems amidst the more common colour items, though – I quite like the Kaleidoscope shadows and the flake-film polishes. :)

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