Ettusais Liquid Eyeliner WP

September 20, 2011

New from Ettusais is Liquid Eyeliner WP.

A waterproof liquid eyeliner, it has been featured in Japanese mags for its precise brush tip.

While I was at the preview for the new Ettusais BB Mineral Cream and Powder, I had a glimpse of it and discovered that its firm tip imparts a nice deep black shade that doesn’t smudge easily.

However, to be honest, I was mostly charmed by the crowd of cute cat pillows that lined the room! The little kitties all had adorable ‘cat eyes’ painted on them, in line (ha!) with the eyeliner trend and the new product’s promise of precision.

I was told that all the whimsical-looking pillows had been hand-sewn by the Ettusais brand executive’s mummy – how heart-warming is that?

This little fella came home with me to be my nursing pillow. ;)

Set to launch here in October 2011, this eyeliner will retail at S$25.

Image source: Ettusais Singapore

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2 Responses to Ettusais Liquid Eyeliner WP

  1. milktea
    September 20, 2011 at 11:26 pm

    Ohh! You got the pillow as a gift!! :D Cuter than the eyeliner I think! ;)

    • makeupmag
      September 21, 2011 at 2:22 am

      Hi Milktea!

      The liner and its packaging look quite plain; the cats do a nice job of promoting it, hehe~!

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