Sephora Singapore Gift Cards

Sephora Gift Card from Sephora Singapore

Sephora Singapore has just started carrying gift cards that will make nifty presents.

Ideal for beauty-obsessed pals who are hard to buy presents for as they seem to have everything, each card is encased in a classy tin and comes with a slip for writing well wishes.

You may dictate the value of the card starting from S$20 (the minimum amount to be stored inside) but it cannot be topped up once the specified amount is used up. Such a pity and a waste of plastic! The store ought to consider having a system that rewards customers for continuing to use the card…awarding points that could be used on future purchases, perhaps?

To offset the monochrome look and to add some festive cheer, you could pair the tin with a Christmas beauty bauble such as the Sephora Ornament Lipgloss in Universal Pink in the photo above.

There are also heaps of tree-ready treats from several brands at Sephora – Fresh, Burt’s Bees and Philosophy come immediately to mind. Have fun customising your gift card!

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