Kiehl’s Singapore Recycling Program

Since its inception here in 2009, the Kiehl’s Singapore recycling program has steadily retrieved close to 90000 recyclable empties.

And what does the brand do with them? Look closely at some of their packaging and you’ll see that they’re made with post-consumer recycled plastic.

Thus, old Kiehl’s bottles become new ones to become old ones to become new ones…putting into real action the concept of recycling. ♻️

Not only do we get to make a positive baby eco-step, the Kiehl’s Recycle and Be Rewarded Program offers us a little incentive (or more) when we return our empties.

An “eco-card” is given to us at the store and we will receive a stamp for every Kiehl’s empty container that we put into the brand’s recycling bins—aptly constructed from recycled wood—found at Kiehl’s stores across the island.

The latest iteration of this eco-conscious Kiehl’s initiative currently offers one Kiehl’s travel-sized product of our choice (subject to availability) when we collect four stamps, and a full-sized Kiehl’s Lipbalm #1 with seven stamps. Upon reaching the maximum of ten stamps, we will receive a Kiehl’s recyclable tote.

Alternatively, we could redeem three travel-sized products when we’ve completed the card.

And surprise! Returning deluxe-sized Kiehl’s empties will give us stamps too.

Another way to receive stamps is to use our own bags when we buy anything from Kiehl’s. The brand previously required that we use a Kiehl’s tote but any carrier will do now, as long as we don’t use their paper bags for our purchased goods.

A good move, given that not everyone has a Kiehl’s bag (see below, though, on how you can snag one).

I’ve been regularly using a bunch of Kiehl’s products over the past couple of months.

Before I knew it, I’d completed an eco-card.

I chose to redeem travel-sized versions of Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo and Conditioner (65 ml each), as well as Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser (30 ml), for an upcoming overseas trip.

There’s a generous amount of product in these smaller bottles, plus I can refill them with my full-sized ones at home when I next travel. 😉

This Earth Day weekend (20–22 April 2018), Kiehl’s will offer a free reusable tote in place of a paper carrier, when we shop at their stores. The idea is to say no to paper bags and to encourage the use of a BYO carryall.

It’s much lighter than some of their previous totes but can be easily folded and stored in your day bag. I particularly like the classy typeface they’ve chosen. 😊

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