Badayohaeng (Ocean Travel/A Voyage to the Sea) – Tearliner

Sometimes, a song can move you with its melody, regardless of your knowledge of its language. Sometimes, a song can touch your soul, when you discover the meaning of its words. Sometimes, a song is more than just a song.

Sensitively melodious and poetically fraught with emotion, Ocean Travel/A Voyage to the Sea is one of these rare songs. A key piece of the Korean drama hit, Coffee Prince, this hauntingly beautiful melody stands out from the original soundtrack.

Even the name of its creator – a Korean indie band – is poetic in the questions it throws up and the images it connotes: A ship of tears? A ship sailing on a sea of tears? Why tear lined? What do you line tears with? What do tears line?

Of the lyrics, I am especially taken with the phrase ‘a blinding vision of azure’ as it seems to allude to a clarity of thought, as well as an obscurity.

Sometimes I wonder: The translation is beautiful enough; how much more meaningful would it be in its true language?

바다여행 – Tearliner

아주먼 어느날
이햇살은 아름다운
너에게로 떠났던
여행을 기억해줘

아주먼 바닷가
하늘가 어딘가에
너와나의 소중한
추억들을 간직해줘

눈부시게 푸르른
너는내게 바다인걸
손내밀면 하얗게
부서지던 너의꿈들

긴여행을 떠나려해
아주깊은 바다여행
부드런 은빛물결
몸을싣고 너에게로

눈부시게 푸르른
너는내게 바다인걸
손내밀면 하얗게
부서지던 너의미소

너도알아 내가널
아주많이 사랑하는
포근하게 감싸줘 나에게

아아아아 아아아아아
아아아아 아아아아

A Trip to the Sea – Tearliner
(featuring Hee Jung Han)
Lyrics translation by Sang/

Some day, a long time from now
These rays of light
Remember the trip
I took to be next to you

At a seashore far away
At the end of the sky somewhere
Keep the precious memories
Of you and me

A blinding vision of azure
You’re my sea
When I gave you my hand
Your dreams broke into white pieces

I’m planning on taking a long trip
A voyage deep into the sea
The smooth, silvery ripples
Take my body to you

A blinding vision of azure
You’re my sea
When I gave you my hand a white
Burst of your smile

You know, too, that I
Love you very much
Wrap me in your softness


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