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A staple that goes everywhere with me, these blotting sheets are an indispensable part of my stash. They usually cost slightly under S$5 in Singapore but I have seen them go for as low as S$2.95 at CK Department Store in Chinatown.
Below is my review of these blotters from last year.

S$4.95/50 pcs

Removes shine from your face,
Keeping face fresh and smooth

New Grapefruit Refreshing Scent!

– A cheerful promise printed on the packaging

Imagine your face being kissed by the refreshing scent of freshly cut pink grapefruit every time you blot off a pesky facial oil slick. A tangy citrus scent wakes up the olfactory senses, while a pretty pink sheet revives the visual sense. Add to that the sheer delight of seeing the paper turn translucent – proving that the oil blotting sheet is doing its job – and you have a product that brings joy!

Affordable and unassuming, these made-in-Japan blotting sheets in a special warm pink shade are nonetheless unlike the non-descript browns, beiges, blues and sheer whites this type of product typically comes in. The more commonly found Clean and Clear blue blotters may fulfil a practical need but these lovely pink sheets are so much more feminine and striking than the obsequious original. Indeed, the blue sheets, while functional, look almost sterile next to these cheerful looking, pretty pink ones!

Like its blue counterpart, this wonderful product blots beautifully. It doesn’t strip moisture from the face and keeps makeup intact (I love this!). If you have never used this product before, you will need to know that you first have to peel off the sticker on the inner panel. Next, you should press the lid of the slim box gently, while lifting up the base of the box, so that the sticker can adhere to the sheet. It sounds a tad complicated but once you see the box, you will understand it in a flash. Fret not about the sticker, it is not very sticky, just enough to allow the sheet to adhere and be lifted out. It leaves no residue on the sheet and instead, allows you to easily remove the sheet from the box.

A caveat – the scent can be overwhelming at times. If you are averse to fragrance, this might not be the product for you. The closed box can sit in my makeup bag and infuse everything with its scent. Pleasant as the scent may be, I am certain not everyone will be keen that this happens.

The original blue sheets retail at ¥280. I’m not certain if the same price applies to the grapefruit scented ones, as the blue ones cost less than the pink ones in Singapore. You can purchase these from at under US$5 or from eBay.

Ingredients: polypropylene, fragrance, iron oxide.

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