Red Earth Secret Potion Illuminating Skin Fluid

The key to gorgeous and radiant skin is red earth’s best-selling wonder product, Secret Potion. Light yet luxurious, it contains super-fine, pearly Mica particles that impart a dazzling dewy sparkle. Apply this multi-purpose, illuminating fluid directly to your face and body, or mix it with your favourite moisturiser or foundation for a subtle shimmer.

Water-based with a moisturising hydrating complex, Secret Potion contains anti-aging Vitamins A and E and soothing Balm Mint Extract to care for your skin whilst you glow.

– Red Earth

I’ve only used the Original (opal) so far but I’m looking forward to trying Thriller (rose) and Magician (bronze). The iridescence of the formula is perfect for a luminescent appearance. I especially like how it is non-greasy and spreads beautifully. It also mixes well with foundation/moisturiser/sunscreen for a radiant look. A little goes a long way though, so be prudent in your usage lest you end up looking a little too iridescent – think disco ball – for comfort.

Secret Potion costs S$36 at all local Sasa outlets. Look out for promotions including discount vouchers, 2-for-S$45 and the occasional 20% discount on all Red Earth items. Red Earth can be found at Ulta stores in the USA. also carries Secret Potion, among other Red Earth products. Do take advantage of Ulta’s periodic offers to stretch your dollar!


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