Makeup Mail: Eyeko Cream

When Kimoko told me about Eyeko Cream and the free international shipping offered by the UK-based store, I ordered a jar in a flash.
Considering its mostly positive reviews on Makeup Alley, £5 price tag and generous 38 ml size, you can see why I ordered this so quickly. Incredibly, when the package arrived (within a week), it also contained a freebie a full-sized Beauty Rehab Rose Salve. What purchase perks Eyeko offers!

According to Eyeko, this golden-pink cream made in Taiwan is infused with skin perfecting light reflectors and antioxidant Vitamins A & E plus a Vitamin C boost for a radiant, clear complexion.

Eyeko Cream has a thick consistency and is heavier than MAC Strobe Cream. Both are iridescent but Eyeko Cream has an overt shimmery-veering-on-metallic golden appearance with some hints of rose, while Strobe Cream imparts a pinker, opalescent glow.

It can apparently be used a moisturiser, highlighter and eye cream. I wouldn’t use it as a moisturiser though it isn’t very emollient and doesn’t have much slip. Rather, it sits on the skin, behaving more like a makeup product than a skincare one. For this reason also, I wouldn’t use it as an eye cream. That said, its light reflecting property makes it a beautiful highlighter. As such, I would mix it with other cream products (moisturisers/sunscreens/foundations) for an added glow.

Thanks, Kimmy, for telling me about this product! ;)

Make a purchase at now and receive a free gift from them by entering the code ‘E101’. :)


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