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When I read a rave review of Skindinävia* makeup finishing sprays written by a dear friend, I knew at once that I had to try them.

Not only is Nancy the proprietress of Make Me Smooth, that fine online bath and body establishment with skin-loving wonders (and an awesome, extensive scent list!), she is also a makeup artist whose base work I admire. I like how she often achieves a flawless visage and how beautiful her clients’ skin looks, not to mention her own!

It is not surprising, then, that I trust her opinion of base-related products and proceeded to order the items she reviewed. The products from this brand also received positive reviews from Makeup Alley members and several magazines, so you can imagine my anticipation.

Thanks to another friend who alerted me to a promotion on the Skindinävia site, I was fortunate to have placed an order just in time to take advantage of a one-for-one offer…with free international shipping, to boot!

Although the extras from the one-for-one offer did not show up on its invoice or on Paypal’s, Skindinävia sent me a quick affirmative reply in response to my enquiry regarding that. The neatly-labelled package from the US arrived in Singapore within a week via USPS First Class International mail, wrapped very securely.

I ordered:
  • 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish
  • Makeup Finishing Spray
  • No More Shine Makeup Finish

I am intrigued by the apparent makeup technology. Words like ‘hygroscopic’ and ‘nano-spheres’ make the products sound advanced and surely appeal to the makeup tech geek! ;)

According to the website:

10 Years Younger Makeup Finish visibly reduces lines and wrinkles. It reduces the appearance of lines by keeping makeup from settling in them. Innovative mist holds makeup by keeping the surface chilled and well hydrated for hours avoiding drying and slippage. Six hygroscopic (water attracting) moisturizers stop foundation, eye shadow, blush, and concealer from flaking or becoming powdery. Unique pigment dispersion system helps avoid clumping and conceals uneven texture or discoloration, such as sun damage and age spots. Works with all types of makeup.

Makeup Finishing Spray creates a weightless makeup bond as a time released delivery system encapsulates millions of nano-spheres barely wider than a ray of light. The spheres are “trained” to release their content in period waves throughout a given time period.

No More Shine Makeup Finish stops oily skin and excess shine and oily skin types can now have perfect makeup for hours with fewer touchups. Contains oil control system that both absorbs excess oil and controls surface shine. Stops makeup sliding and meltdown without excessive drying. Weightless mist cools makeup surface 20°F degrees to curtail oil from sliding through as shine on foundation, blush, and concealer. Light dispersing particles deflect shininess to deliver a matte look for up to 16 hours. Works with all types of makeup.

I wonder if they’d live up to their promises.

I’ve used one – 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish – more than once and I must admit that the fine mist feels wonderfully cool on the skin (think air-conditioning) and my makeup stays on indeed.

While I didn’t like how it seemed to make the lines on my face more pronounced, this could be attributed to the amount of loose powder I’d used. My makeup generally lasts quite long, thanks to the combination of products I use, including loose/pressed powder. I may need to adjust this now, so that this product can effectively help my makeup to last even longer! :) I’ll also wait till after my period to properly test it, as my skin isn’t at its best this week.

Two of the six bottles are birthday gifts for a special friend. I intend to keep the rest for myself and to use on my clients. I’m looking forward to using them during outdoor shoots! ;)

* I am amused by the word play on the brand’s name…do they hope that it would conjure images of clear-skinned Scandinavians or glacial fjords? ;)


  • The Casual Kitchener says:

    Congratulations on your new loot! Looking forward to detailed product reviews.

  • UptownGal says:

    when u’ve had the chance to use the 10 Years Younger more, do let us know if it reduces the appearance of fine lines.

    the problem i have with my foundation is when i first apply it in the morning, it’s nice and all but by the afternoon, it “sets” into the fine line i have on the left side of my mouth (which i’m absolutely sure is ‘cos i used to sleep on the left side of my body) and i have to use my fingers to smooth out / rub off the foundation. would be very happy to solve this!!

  • makeupmag says:

    Kat and Uptowngal,

    So far it seems to hold my makeup but it continues to emphasise the lines. I’m still trying to tinker with my sunscreen + powder proportion to make it work more effectively.

    Uptowngal, try blotting after application of whichever cream/liquid base you use. Then set with a fixing spray after you’ve powdered. This works for me with MAC Charged Water.

  • sinlesschocolate says:


    I know this post is quite some time ago but I’d like to know where can I get this product in Singapore..thks…

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi SinlessChocolate,

      You can’t get Skindinavia in Singapore but you can get Urban Decay’s fix sprays from Sephora – they’re made by Skindinavia! :D

  • buttercup01 says:

    Hi. Can I know how much does each bottle costs? :)

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Buttercup01,

      I can’t remember off-hand. Check the website? By the way, the Urban Decay mists are made by Skindinavia! ;)

  • Het says:

    Hi I’m keen to try the Skindinavia setting spray for normal/combi skin. what do you think of the product? Have you tried e UD ones? Which UD one would you recommend? How different is it from the Skindinavia one?

    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Het,

      I haven’t tried the UD ones, although they are made by Skindinavia. The spray seems all right in keeping the face somewhat matte for a while but it doesn’t keep it from oiling up eventually. It does preserve makeup well, strangely.

  • laverderartistry says:

    Hi buttercup01,

    i have extra bottles if you would like to have them please contact me on FB. i brought a bit too much on my trip……..

  • erin14dec says:

    Hi anyone knows wer i can get dis in spore?


    • makeupmag says:

      Hi Erin,

      You can’t get this in Singapore but the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (available at Sephora Singapore) is made by Skindinavia. ;)

  • Anico says:

    Hi, I would like to buy Skindinavia spray. How much did it cost you for the shipping fee and how heavy (weight)
    when they ship to you? Thank you so much.

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