Vanity Trove October 2012

Here’s a look at this month’s Vanity Trove and my thoughts on its contents.

October 2012: Big & Bold – Be A Beauty Royalty

The box contains:

  • Audrey Christian Venetrim Vein Reducing Cream (150 ml)
  • Bourjois Queen Attitude Khôl Kajal
  • DHC skincare sampler set: Deep Cleansing Oil (3 ml), Mild Soap (5 g), Mild Lotion (2 ml), Olive Virgin Oil (0.5 ml)
  • Méthode Swiss Beauty Care Thermal Therapy Eye Essence (3 ml)
  • Méthode Swiss Beauty Care Thermal Oxygen Soothing Eye Cream (3 ml)
  • Méthode Swiss Beauty Care Thermal Oxygen Overnight Moisturise Mask (5 ml)
  • Leaders InSolution Hydrogel Eye Therapy Patch (1 pair)
  • The Essence of Nature Slimming Sap Patch (2 patches)
  • VMV Hypoallergenics Hydra Balance Gentle Cream Cleanser (30 ml)
  • VMV Hypoallergenics Hydra Balance Smart Moisturiser (30 ml)

The full-sized Audrey Christian cream is a generous surprise, while the Bourjois kajal liner – in line with the box’s glam theme – is a nice makeup treat. The Méthode Swiss eye care products are quite a good size, considering we don’t use much for the eye area. I’m particularly excited about the substantial VMV Hypoallergenics skincare products – this brand has a good rep and these deluxe-sized tubes will afford me a nice test-drive. The eye mask is a welcome product too; I tried it after my post on it in August and enjoy its refreshing sensation.

Vanity Trove SG does seem to have a problem with logistics, though. They’d promised me press boxes from two previous months but I never received them, with the eventual reason being issues on their logistics side and how they’d inadvertently run out of them (mmm, what happened to basic coordination?). I’m not miffed about not receiving them (I don’t pay for the boxes, after all) but would have appreciated being informed – I was honestly surprised by the lack of communication and the almost-blithe explanation in the end. I guess we can’t accuse Vanity Trove of favouring bloggers over subscribers, which might be a plus point for potential customers! ;)

I’ve also heard of some customers not receiving their boxes but I’m uncertain of the true nature of their complaints.

As I said in my previous Bellabox post:

People who would like to test-drive a variety of skincare brands without committing to full-sized units will benefit from the deluxe-sized products in these boxes. Moreover, the amount of product in the larger samples, as well as the full-sized pieces that sometimes pop up, can make the boxes worthwhile.

In the case of this month’s VT, the full-sized items, together with the generous trial-sized products, make the S$25 subscription fee worth every cent and will likely appeal to many.

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