Review | 3M Scotch-Brite High Performance Dusting Cloth

October 2, 2008

Usually associated with household chores, this micro fibre dusting cloth seems deceptively incongruous with cosmetics and beauty. However, it does one thing exceptionally well in the makeup realm – it cleans brushes.

Every time I use my makeup brushes, I would clean them on this cloth. I do this in between applications, when I use the same brush for different colours; as well as in between thorough shampoo washes, so that my brushes are somewhat fresh for the next usage.

It effortlessly removes colour from the bristles, although darker colours may take a little longer to swipe off. It does not damage brushes but I have noticed that the cloth does catch bristles – I have seen a few hairs snagged on it before. Nonetheless, I do not think it promotes shedding as the number of hairs I have seen is negligible. As such, this is no cause for worry. However, I do not recommend cleaning poor-quality brushes on this.

The cloth not only removes powder products from brushes easily, the colours also wash out quickly and cleanly. I typically use a foaming facial cleanser or Daiso’s liquid cleanser for sponges, mixing the cleanser of choice with water before soaking the cloth in the solution. Light colours would wash out immediately while dark ones would require a little rubbing. You can either use your fingers to get rid of the patches directly or rub the cloth against itself. The latter method works particularly well – the slight chafing instantly removes the more tenacious colours!

The one pictured is a colourfully striped limited edition piece to commemorate Scotch-Brite’s 50th anniversary. This rainbow lovely costs S$6.20 at Home-Fix. I am not sure if other places carry it (they probably do) but the regular ones – in plain shades of blue, green, pink, purple, white and yellow (I’ve yet to see the white) – can be found in stores that have a household department. You can easily find them in local supermarkets, where they cost under S$6.

I have yet to use this product for cleaning makeup casings but I am fairly sure that it would work well in this aspect. That said, this is so indispensable as a brush cleaner that I have four pieces…and counting. ;)

Special thanks to the Emakemeup viners who introduced this extremely useful item to me!

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2 Responses to Review | 3M Scotch-Brite High Performance Dusting Cloth

  1. yumeko
    October 28, 2008 at 10:23 am

    now that is cool and useful review!! this is a great idea

    i hope i can find something similar here in Japan

  2. makeupmag
    October 28, 2008 at 12:39 pm

    Hi Yumeko,

    Thank you for dropping by and for your positive comment. :)

    I don’t read Japanese so I’m not sure if this is the correct page for the microfibre cloth:

    Scotch Brite items in Japan seem quite different from what we get here. Some of them look so classy and stylish! :)

    I’m sure you’ll find something similar, even if you can’t find the exact cloth. After all, Japan is well-known for its cleaning efficacy (it introduced the oh-so-useful microfibre cleaning block to the world)!

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