Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge

Daiso’s popular sponge cleanser finally comes with an English translation! Wading in the murky waters of language differences, there was previously no proper English name for this wonder product. I am so pleased it now has an official one. Better yet, the translation elucidates the usage and ingredient list of this liquid soap.

The front of the bottle bears the following phrases:

  • Disinfecting and Fragrance-free and contains no pigment.
  • Removes remaining foundation quickly!
  • Keeps your makeup tools clean!
  • Safe cleaner mostly composed of detergent kind to the skin and sponges!

The translators seem to have a penchant for exclamation marks. ;)

The back of the bottle reveals simple instructions, cautionary measures and an ingredient list:

  • How to use: A dry sponge, apply an appropriate amount of the product, wash by hand and rinse thoroughly under running water.
  • Caution: When product comes in contact with the eyes, do not rub them and flush well under running water. If swallowed, drink water or milk and take appropriate measures. If you find any abnormalities in either case, go to the hospital and seek medical attention.
  • Use only for intended purpose.
  • Name: Detergent for puff and sponge
  • Usage: For puff and sponge
  • Components: Surface active agent (34% Ppolyoxyethylene alkyl ether), Fattyacid alkanolamide, Alkyl bentaine), Water softener (alkaline chemicals)
  • Characteristics of the solution: Alkalescence
  • Net mass: approx. 2.8 oz
  • Target use amount: The degree that detergent covers up on a dirt part (Japglish? :D)

Out of stock for some time, the Daiso stores here are now lined with several bottles of this product. Considering its efficacy, they will be be snapped up in no time, so stock up while you can!


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