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BeautyBlender’s patent-pending elliptical shape makes application foolproof by allowing you to access hard-to-reach areas with stunning ease. Its suede texture is sensual to the touch and its unique curves fit the contours of your face, leaving your make up dazzling and undetectable. Beautyblender is latex free, non-allergenic and odor free.

The BeautyBlender sponge is, without a doubt, one of the best beauty gadgets in my stash. Don’t be fooled by its size and seemingly frivolous pinkness – this little Pink Egg, as it is sometimes affectionately referred to, is a makeup wonder.

Not only is the velvety texture of this pliable tool softly pampering as it caresses your skin, many makeup products (powder, cream or liquid) – foundations, tinted moisturisers, tinted sunscreens, face powders, highlighters, concealers, tanning lotions – all blend seamlessly into the skin with the Beautyblender. No streaks, no mess.

Its elliptical shape allows you to reach corners and manoeuvre makeup for awkward angles. Its tapered tip is perfect for inner eye area access, while its slanted plane is ideal for the sides of the nose and for cream blush application. The rounded base itself is excellent for layering and blending product.

Wet the sponge and it expands to two times its size. You can cover a greater area, without compromising on the finish. Moistening it gives your foundation more slip, helping it to meld beautifully into your skin. Emollient products work wonderfully with it. These products have a tendency to streak but the sponge effortlessly smooths out any unevenness. Interestingly enough, powders also work with this sponge, imparting silky smoothness to the skin.

For best effect, stipple the product by bouncing the egg gently on the skin’s surface. In fact, you are more likely to achieve a flawless finish when you use the stippling method with other sponges or tools.

Another asset of the BeautyBlender is its ability to cover blemishes by using the pointed end. Stipple and twist to work makeup into the problem spots, carefully feathering out the edges for a clean finish.

One of my favourite ways to use it though is as a makeup eraser. The tip (usually with some residue foundation already on the sponge) cleans up the undereye area beautifully after eye makeup application! I am especially grateful for it when doing smokes. ;)

The material of the BeautyBlender is such that products mostly sit on its surface, with minimal seepage into the sponge. This is rare as most tools absorb product, leading to a fair amount of wastage. Amazingly, it manages to deposit the right amount of product on the skin every time, despite this.

What I really love about the BeautyBlender though, is how easy it is to wash and the tactile experience of washing the sponge. We’ve all wrestled with cleaning makeup tools, some more tiresome than others. The Pink Egg, however, is a JOY to wash – its buoyancy and suppleness make it a delight to squeeze and rinse, while product washes out effortlessly!

It is recommended that you clean the BeautyBlender with the lavender-scented, soy-based BlenderCleanser for optimum maintenance. However, I typically wash it in a solution of facial foam and water. If it is really soiled, I would wash it with Daiso’s liquid cleanser for sponges. The latter always gets product out in a flash!

Not only does it wash well, the sponge springs back into shape easily, swiftly returning to its original form after the excess water is squeezed out. The rich pink shade does run with the first few washings and your BeautyBlender will fade over time. Nevertheless, this does not affect its performance.

It has often been compared to the slightly more affordable Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge, nicknamed the Blue Peep. I will be receiving the latter soon, so we’ll see how the Blue Peep measures up to the Pink Egg!

The BeautyBlender may seem pricey at US$19.95 but this tool will become indispensable in your stash, as it has in mine. I’ve used mine for about a year and although it has seen better days, it still works well!

You can find the BeautyBlender at several online and brick-and-mortar stores. Amazon and Dermadoctor sometimes carry sets of these for less, so look out for them.


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