Lancome Oscillation in Singapore

Thanks to an invitation from Cozycot, I was privy to a sneak preview of Lancome Oscillation, an innovative addition to the brand’s popular stable of mascaras.

According to Lancome, Oscillation is the world’s first auto-vibrating mascara with the ability to extend, separate and multiply lashes.

A technological wonder touted to improve mascara application, this ‘powermascara’ tagged with techie jargon like ‘micro-oscillation technology’ and ‘ultra-fine dispersion formula’ apparently makes 7000 oscillations per minute, depositing mascara from root to tip, coating each lash 360 degrees.

The company also states that the eco-friendly recyclable battery has a lifespan of 180 applications; two times more than the formula contained inside the tube.

Lancome Oscillation has patents on the following:

  1. A flexible polymer brush that can ‘resonate with the frequencies’ (oh, the tech terms! :P)
  2. A wiper for ‘precise distribution of the formula all along the brush’ (I assume the wiper is the brush but the first point probably refers to the material as opposed to the serrated edges?)
  3. The oscillatory movement
  4. The ultra-fine dispersion formula (which, according to the makers, results in a smooth deposition of the mascara on the lashes)

Its main selling point is this though: it eliminates the need for the zigzag motion so often recommended for successful mascara application.

Although I do not like that it clumps easily (a lash comb is necessary), I have to admit that it is very black; its intense pigment showing up almost immediately on the lashes, enhancing the voluminising effect. This feature is quite a plus, considering that not many mascaras blacken lashes very effectively. If you place emphasis on the base of your lashes, you may very well end up with a pseudo-liner line, as did one of the models.

It does have a tendency to smudge but once set, the pigment should stay put unless you have oily lids or lashes. If so, I would recommend that you use a base. I typically use Fasio mascaras for their waterproof and budgeproof qualities and I found that Ocsillation worked nicely in tandem with the Fasio mascara I had on during the presentation.

Flexibility is another selling point of this mascara – it delivers both natural and dramatic lashes, depending on the number of coats you apply and the pressure with/ angle at which you apply. Patient coating should give you the effect you want but do be mindful of the clumping.

In my experience, lifting the lashes and gently pressing them slightly under the edges with the brush will give you a nice curl. The Lancome national makeup artist present also recommended inclining the brush at the outer edge of the eyes for a cat’s eye effect – this allows more product to be deposited on the outer lashes, giving the effect of the slant associated with this look. Angled the right way, the polymer brush is skinny enough to reach hard-to-access corners and lower lashes too.

Ocsillation separates and lengthens lashes relatively well but as with most lash gadgets, some patience, technique and practice is required.

Press and hold the button that starts the oscillation movement. Once you release the pressure from the button, the wand will stop moving. You don’t have to worry about vigorous vibration – ‘7000 oscillations per minute’ notwithstanding – all you get, really, is a gentle pulsation. I personally enjoy the gentle buzzing and soothing sensation generated by the vibration! :)

If you want intensely black lashes, have a penchant for techie makeup items (I actually like the mechanical aspect of this gadget!) and are patient enough to manoeuvre the tool, this would be something to check out.

Oscillation will only be available for a limited period of time in Singapore this month, before its full launch some time in the second quarter of 2009, where it will join Lancome’s permanent range of mascaras.

The retail price of this 8 ml mascara is S$68 and it will be sold at the Lancome counter this month in Takashimaya (9-11 January 2009) and Tangs Orchard (16-18 January 2009). You could also purchase Oscillation via Cozycot from 1 to 7 January 2009 to receive an exclusive 3-piece Lancome Whitening Skincare Trial Set worth S$33.

The presentation was a pleasure to attend. The Lancome staff present, including the national makeup artist, seemed genuinely impressed with Oscillation. The product information they provided was more than commercial spiel and it was heartening to listen to people who believe in the product they were selling!

Tissue paper, cotton squares/tips and makeup removers were also thoughtfully available to facilitate the testing of the mascara. I was pleasantly surprised by the care they put into this – Lancome made sure there were removers for both waterproof and non-waterproof makeup. How very considerate of them!

The makeup artist was generous with her mascara application advice too, dispensing makeup knowledge with ease and joy.

In addition to light refreshments, participants were given a token of appreciation – a generous goody bag of Lancome skincare and makeup products.

A big thank you to the organisers and presenters! :)


  • Karelessly in Love says:

    Does it hold curls? That’s the most crucial to me.

  • makeupmag says:

    I did not feel that it would hold a curl for long. I would suggest that you use it for volume, length and certainly blackness but apply it over a waterproof mascara (I recommend Fasio) or use a manual and heated curler to maintain the curl.

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