Makeup Mail: MAC Eyeshadow in Quicktone Tan

A nice little package arrived for me early this week. Many years back, there was a beautiful collection from MAC named Colour Theory. Among the eyeshadows that I own from that collection, I use Quicktone Tan (#5) the most. The colour and texture of this beige eyeshadow – or ‘neutral frosted champagne’, as MAC describes it – are just so perfect for me that I simply had to find another one as I slowly hit pan.

Fortunately, I found one after a search on Makeup Alley – a lovely swapper in the Netherlands was willing to send me her barely grazed Quicktone Tan in return for a brand new MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty, which I’d decided I wouldn’t use. I was thrilled because Quicktone Tan is a limited edition eyeshadow that is very difficult to find!

She included a generous extra in the nicely packed package – Lancôme Colour Dose in Sable Trinidad.

Look at how much pan is showing in my original one! As you can see, the shimmer is simply an overlay. While the fine shimmer is lovely, the subtlety and softness of the rest of the eyeshadow make it a wonderful base and socket-to-brow colour, allowing richer colours to take centrestage as it delicately finishes the eye look.

Colour Theory eyeshadows are as big as MAC Cream Colour Bases and the old screw-top eyeshadows from MAC.

Isn’t this a beautiful promotional image?

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