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If you are looking for a natural pink blush, MAC Well Dressed (S$35) is the one to buy. This blush in the MAC satin formula is a perennial favourite and as such, a staple in my stash. A clean medium pink, it endows cheeks with natural colour; its smooth texture making application a breeze. I like that it shows up without being too obvious, imparting a kiss of flush that hints of soft velvet.

While it veers on the side of cool, it has a delicate touch of warmth that is perfect with warm eyeshadows. On me, it works well with green eyeshadows and very often, complements the look. Its soft cool tones also joyfully harmonise with similarly-toned eyeshadows and lip shades. However, I have found that because it does not have overtly cool tones, it sometimes looks off with strong cool-toned shades such as blue-purples. This might be because I’m Asian, so do try this out with your own colour combinations.

This flattering and versatile blush once saw the MAC triangle of death* next to it and I bought four at once in a fit of panic. Thankfully, it continues to be part of the regular range till today!

* The symbol that denotes the discontinued status of a MAC product.


  • Connie De Alwis says:

    this is definitely a good color for fair skin tones. Looks totally blah on me, unfortunately. I’m more of a Hipness (LE *sobs*) kinda girl. if you like this, you’d probably like Shu Uemura M33E too.

  • makeupmag says:

    Hi Connie!

    Oh, Hipness! :) Have you tried Fleur Power? That’s the closest to Hipness, I believe. I’ll definitely take a look at Shu M33E – I *just* read about it yesterday!

  • Ann* says:

    Wow! And I just bought Well Dressed today! LOL~ I was looking for a pink blush..

  • makeupmag says:

    An astute choice, Ann. ;) Enjoy the blush!

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