Review | MAC Frost Lipstick in Intricate

MAC Frost Lipstick in Intricate

Part of the MAC Love Lace collection, Intricate (S$28) is a very sheer lipstick. Described as a ‘frosted cool icy taupe’ by the brand, this lippy pairs well with smokey eyes. Many have complained about its sheerness but for me, its diaphanous veil of colour gives a semblance of finish to the lips without overpowering stronger eye looks.

MAC Frost Lipstick in Intricate Swatch

Its mix of mauve, taupe and plum, together with multi-coloured micro-shimmer, lends it complexity. There is also a silvery sheen to it, imparting an iridescent glaze to the lips. And really, this lipstick is more reminiscent of the MAC Glaze formula than the Frost. Like Lure, Intricate has a very nice glide to it. If you usually like something more pigmented, stay far away from this one. If you sometimes desire something with a more translucent finish like I do, take a look at it.

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