Lee Da Hae Uses MAC

“How comfortable!”
– Lee Da Hae, seeking MAC and respite from the winter cold, in a warm car

A huge hit in 2006, Korean drama My Girl is currently being re-aired on a local channel. I believe this is the sixth or seventh time I’ve seen it on television! I don’t sit through the show in its entirety each time but a chance glance at an episode always makes me smile.

I adore this K-drama – it’s a wonderful tele-serving of histrionics, turmoil, humour and romance, with a huge dollop of eye candy in the form of Lee Dong Wook with his chiselled features, pretty boy Lee Joon Ki and sweet-faced Lee Da Hae. A delightful romp of a tv series, its original soundtrack is as catchy as it is varied (there is a soulful aria in there somewhere, amidst angsty ballads and Krenglish rap).

The rerun reminded me of something makeup-related too: in a My Girl behind-the-scenes special, Lee Da Hae is seen using MAC at several intervals – she touches up with the brand during snatched breaks. I’m guessing she’s using Blot Powder in the topmost photo.

Question: Do you not feel that prettifying is a pain?
LDH: Not at all. I love doing such things!

A self-professed lover of cosmetics, the clear-skinned beauty has a flawless canvas for makeup lovelies.

She loves makeup so much that she plays makeup artist on the set, helping to conceal Lee Joon Ki’s scar (she looks like she’s using a MAC lipbrush to do it – a pro trick!), prompting him to tell her to give up acting for a career in makeup artistry! ;)


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