Pupa Ethno Chic

A medley of earthy and subdued colours that seems to hark back to the retro hippy era, Pupa’s latest summer collection is filled with forest greens, greyed violets, bronzes, browns and golds.

A peep at the website reveals three Eye Luminys trios: 01, 02 and 03. This puzzled me – I saw the Ethno Chic trios in person at Pink Beauty (a neighbourhood beauty store) but only 01, 04 and 05 were available. The last two, which contain warmer and softer tones, aren’t even on the website!

I’m not sure why this is so but this blog based in the Netherlands has gorgeous photos of some items in the collection, including Ethno Chic Eye Luminys in 05. This trio, which consists of a bronze, a pink gold and a golden beige, will work beautifully on people with warm skin tones.

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