Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes, The First Four


I found this photo as I was going through some of my written work yesterday and thought I’d share it here. In it are Jill Stuart Brilliance Eyes eyeshadow palettes in 01 Pink Quartz, 02 Crystal Jade, 03 Amber Glaze and 04 Gem Amethyst (top and bottom, left to right).

The original four from the Brilliance Eyes range, these palettes delighted  – and continue to enthrall  – eyeshadow lovers with their exquisite packaging and intense sparkle. Although they contain overt shimmer that might deter the conservative makeup user, their colour harmony and feminine shades often elicit admiration from beauty connoisseurs.

They once used to be available only in Japan but these palettes, together with newer releases, can now be found in Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and America as well. :)


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