Makeup Memories | Stila Lip Color in Natalie

Stila Cosmetics Lip Color in Natalie
Although lipstick shades abound in the makeup world, any lippy-loving makeup maven will tell you that it is never easy finding the right lip shade. When I first saw Stila Lip Color in Natalie in the 1990s, my heart leapt: it was the perfect berry for me.

Stila Lip Color in Natalie
My very first Natalie came in plain silver cardboard, the signature recycled Stila packaging of old. A quaint yet trendy lipstick case of its time, the idea behind it was commendable, even if it didn’t keep the lipstick well (Stila lipsticks were notorious for going rancid quickly).

Stila Natalie Lipstick
Now discontinued, this lipstick – sometimes described as having grape/plum tones – went on sheer for a just-bitten lip look, while a few more layers delivered silky, flattering colour. It glided on smoothly, yet was not so moisturising that the colour slipped off easily. It was an everyday lipstick that could be used on all occasions…and I miss it!

Image sources: Stila, Apothica and Dermstore


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