Fluff Sweet Shoppe Train Case

I recently spotted this cute train case prominently displayed at the entrance of A “N” BC stationery store at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre. Thanks to my penchant for confectionery and cases, I couldn’t help but snap a quick pic. Cupcakes and makeup are a good match, no? ;)

Besides this adorable item, there were also other cupcake cuties in the form of  card cases, luggage tags, purses and wallets. If you’re more an ice cream person than a cupcake one, there are several cases in the shape of ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles (sparkly sewn-on sequins).

Fluff is a brand with a touch of whimsy but I sometimes baulk at its bright colours and loud images. Thus I like that its current collections are a little more subdued. Take the Sweet Shoppe one, for instance – the pinks, browns and beiges work beautifully to set off the cherry and strawberry reds, creating an almost-retro feel. So tasteful, so cheery!

Priced at S$40.65, the train case looked pretty roomy. I was there again the following day and saw that two pieces had already been sold. Something this cute can be hard to resist…fortunately, I was happy with savouring it visually. :)


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